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Podxt Pro - Fake Expression Pedal

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I have a PODxt Pro and an FBV Shortboard.


Most of my tones are set at 85% minimum volume, and I use the Expression Pedal to sweep to 100% as a lead boost.


But if I don't have my Expression Pedal with me, when I stomp in the Wah the volume jumps to 100%.


I know there are all kinds of workarounds.  I could keep the FBV pedal toe-cocked all the time, but I don't like that because the pedal could get uncocked and I might not notice it until it was too late.  I could write a separate set of patches with 100% minimum volume, but I don't want to maintain them.  I want to use the same set of tones for when I have an Expression Pedal, and when I don't have one with me.


Here's what I want to do: I want to stick a 1/4 plug into the Expression Pedal jack on the FBV, and fake the PODxt Pro into thinking that I've attached an Expression Pedal set on heel-or-toe cocked.  Surely this has to be as simple as shorting a resistor across the plug.


Before I call Line 6, has anyone else done this?


Thanks --

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