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  1. This topic is sooo old I wanted to wipe and reload my JTV-59. I kept getting the 80009000 error with the Variax USB interface. I dusted off my trusty old Pod HD Pro and tried through there. Worked immediately.
  2. I don't normally use the laptop in that capacity. On this particular morning I was using it to tweak my new firmare 2.62 bass tones. Which, by the way, I enjoy very much :) These Sennheiser wireless systems, while very expensive, are absolutely the bomb. Not only do they sound GREAT, I can fire up three channels in the downtown corridor of the #21 media market (lots of radio and tv!), and if there's ever a problem, a frequency rescan is only a few clicks away ;)
  3. This photo was taken on a recent Sunday morning, when I was playing bass in the worship band at my church. Show here are my Yamaha fretless and Heartfield bass guitars. More often I'm playing my JTV-59 in my rock cover band, but even after all these years I consider myself a bassist first and foremost. Inside my foam-surround tour rack are my Pod HD Pro; my Sennheiser microphone and guitar receivers; my Sennheiser IEM transmitter; a blank panel for the receiver antennae; and my Furman PL-Pro C. One of my two RCF NX 12-SMA powered wedges sits on top of the rack. On this particular day I was running Pod HD Pro Edit to help me tweak my v2.62 bass patches. What do you guys think? Click the thumbnail to jump to a larger pic.
  4. Didn't. But I *have* exchanged emails with Johannes, and he says that they've changed quite a lot in the preset files. He's working on a solution.
  5. Greetings, Two POD HDs -- one a desktop, the other a Pro -- running v2.62. I've downloaded the latest Pod HD Tone Conversion Utility from Zab's site. I've used it to go from the rack to the bean, and I've had some interesting results. On the receiving end - that is, the bean - all of the amp and cab DEPs are set to defaults, except for one: The Lo-Cut goes to 260Hz. Any ideas why this might have happened? Thanks --
  6. I've just started using Aggro as part of my v2.62 bass dual tone. After a gate and the blue comp, the signal forks to +12 pitch shift and an SVT+810+Dyn7, then back into the mixer. Nice and simple. The other side of the path goes through analog chorus and digital delay, then through the Aggro+Hiway100+U87 with the drive at 60%, low cut at 160Hz, then into the mixer. The footswitch stomp switch brings the Aggro in and out (bypass volume 0%), and thereby the chorus and delay (which are also individually switched). EXP-1 can be used to dial the Aggro drive back to 0 to clean up the FX split. Not that I overthink these things, oh no, not at all :)
  7. I see that Line 6 has updated the store to reflect the "coming soon" status of Firmware 2.6 for the older HD models. I will take them up on the 30-day money-back guarantee if a stable version of the new fw is not available timely for my HD Pro and HD. Then, in all honesty, I'll buy it again anyway once it becomes available for my gear.
  8. Great, so I just bought something I can't use for two weeks. Thing is, your web store said I *could* use it. Not in two weeks, but TODAY. Check the screencap below. Would you mind updating the store to reflect the product compatibility at the time of sale? Thank you.
  9. Just bought firmware 2.6, updated the Monkey to 1.7, got all green checks, and then ran License Manager 1.09. It tells me that A USB Firmware update is required to install licences on this device. Run Line 6 Monkey to perform the required updates. Funny, the Monkey is showing me all green checks (USB Firmware 1.00 among them). This is a Pod HD (bean) at 2.32. Please advise. Thank you.
  10. Could you post the link here, please?
  11. My primary acoustic tone, attached to post #2, is a complex dual-tone preset. You might like to load it up in HD Edit and check it out. To answer your question directly, I didn't use an amp model on the first tone. My "stomp" effect engages the second tone, comprised of the Bomber Uber model plus other toys, and it's mixed way back. Have fun!
  12. I use the JTV-59 v2.x Martin D-28 model for the bulk of my acoustic work. I've attached my HD Pro primary acoustic tone. You might enjoy kicking the "stomp" button with the volume pedal at 100%. I use that setting to back my lead guitarist on solo at the end of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. JTV Acoustic.zip
  13. Ah, but look closely at the Duojet, it's a lefty, and the Model 32 is delightfully ambiguous.
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