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  1. MikeMaben

    Saving Tones

    Good news , but if it happens again (invalid token) you shouldn't need to un/re , just log off/on. Works for me :)
  2. I have a Samsung Tab4 with a 10" screen that works for me pretty well. Obviously re screen size, bigger is better. Have fun !
  3. MikeMaben

    Saving Tones

    I had a problem having cloud tones load too. I received a message saying "invalid token". I learned here on the forum (I guess I should have submitted a ticket ?) that logging off (top of settings page) then logging back in solved that problem. Even if you haven't seen an invalid token message, you might try logging off/on.
  4. OK I fingered it out. I get 30 matches when I use the tone search. Mine is in there too. (answered !!) So my other question is still puzzling. When I move one of My Tones to a preset button, it sounds noticeably different than when I select it straight from My Tones. Has anybody else had that happen ? Am I doing something wrong ?
  5. ...I've noticed screen shots of what are likely iOS remote apps and they have 30 cloud tones available. My android only has a max of 20. Obviously there are more than 20 tone matches for some of the more popular artists. Are they available anywhere else ? I've uploaded one of my creations and it doesn't show up. How do some tone matches show up and others don't ? :huh: Seems odd, just curious. Also, when I move one of my favs to a preset button, it doesn't sound nearly as good as it does when played straight from 'My Tones'. Anybody else ? Just me ?
  6. MikeMaben

    Saving Tones

    Hi Bill, when you find a tone you like, there's a small arrow (kinda hard to see) on the right side of the tone. Touching that should open the tone in the tone editor. Up in the right hand corner there is a cloud icon. Touching that should open the 'basic info' page for that tone. In the upper right hand corner is an icon. Touching that opens a drop down that says 'Save to My Tones' and 'Save tone as'. That should do it. p.s. I have a Galaxy Tab4
  7. I thot mine was wacked when I first got it too. I have mine running hooked up digital to my 5.1 sound system in the living room and found that I had to turn the volume up quite high on both the unit and the sound system to be able to hear it at all. Be VERY careful if doing so, increase a little at a time or you could blow some of the paint off the walls if you're not careful (don't ask).
  8. Yep, this is new technology aimed more at professionals and fanatics (I mean that in a nice way) than hobbyists, which I would imagine is their largest customer segment. This unit has waaaay more tweakability, power and capacity than I could ever put to good use (I have an HD500, JTV69, a TT and an old Spider Jam). They'd be insane not to simplify this unit and lower the price appropriately. It looks interesting but I think I'll wait for the inevitable 'consumer' unit.
  9. ...til the next batch of TTs will arrive from wherever they're made ? Sweetwater's supposed to swap mine but they're waiting for the next 'shipment'. It's been a month since tech support said I should swap it. :unsure:
  10. I'm just trying to get the TT out to my soundbar. The app can BT to it and it works with headphones but not the optical or RCA. Got a response to my ticket : "If you do not have anything connected to the amp out or the headphones, the guitar blend is turned up, and you still are unable to receive guitar signal from the optical/RCA outputs I would suggest that you either exchange it with your dealer for a replacement or send to us for a replacement. -Don Customer Support Line 6" Setting up an exchange with Sweetwater. Thanks again for helpin' out.
  11. Yep that works. Still have no out to soundbar (which is why I bought the thing). Still no response re my ticket.
  12. Thanks T, Yeah, I thot I'd try that. It's just one PE60 so I'd run out of the TT right or left main only, right ? I still need to get out to my soundbar setup in the living room tho. I've tried both optical and RCA and neither work so I have a feeling it's a hardware defect. I've opened a ticket so we'll see. Thanks again...
  13. I did see that in the guide Rowbi, but it kinda doesn't make sense since the TT appears to be the same as an Amplifi 75/150 but without the speaker, so I thot plugging into a speaker (like the PE60s) would work the same. I think I need to swap the unit as it works fine thru the headphone jack but nothing else. Thank you both for your input .
  14. ...new TT, everything seems to function OK but thru headphones only. I've connected to my Vizio soundbar which streams tunes from the app but not thru the Amplifi device, only when streamed straight to the bar (which of course means no guitar). I connected to my PE60 and guitar works but no tunes. The only out that works fully is the headphone jack. Could this be a faulty unit or am I doing something wrong ?
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