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  1. I called Line 6 support and got very good response from two different gents. I agree with cebreez in particular internet connection need to be stable. even though i heard you can plug a usb2 into a usb3 port I had issues so I made sure to plug into usb2/usb2 when connecting the fx100 to my laptop. I found an Insignia Flex tablet that so far seems to work fine. Again my contact with Line 6 was very good.
  2. I've had very good response from Line 6 technical staff over the phone with solving issues. Wait time was under 5 minutes. But finding information online has been a challenge probably more due to my reading ability. (I tend to read too fast and miss things) The Forums here are helpful but everything is scattered. Anyway I'll have to look around in the FX100 forum Android Smartphone/Tablets (Started) Tones (by Artists) Technical Issues I might start these on the Line 6 Amplifi Forum...any thoughts? Cebreez and anyone else: What kind of music do you like to play? I like the David Gilmour/Neil Young tones and many others that I don't even know about. We play mostly acoustic right now and my buddy who plays 12 string can play songs from over 120 groups/artists from the 60's on up. I hope to use the FX100 to add a new sound when we play acoustic AND electric. Along with a bass (upright and 5 string electric) we just play for fun every Monday rotating houses serving a little tequila and dinner. Start at 5pm and end around 10pm. I'm the oldest at 63 and the other 2 are in mid 50's. I attached the list just for grins. I never get tired of playing since he usually comes up with a new song or two that I have not heard or have forgotten. Songs Artists with Parker.pdf
  3. Hello! I get an email letting me know someone posted here. Mike, thanks for responding. Decided not to look for a smartphone and instead I just bought an Insignia Flex 8" NS P16AT09. It has an expandable micro sd slot, wifi and bluetooth and Android 5.0 (Lollipop). I just downloaded the app remote and will let you know how it works. My cost from Wallmart was about $85 out the door. So that's half the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.5" screen at Costco for $180 out the door. Stay tuned. CK
  4. Cebreez, Thanks for your input! I hope other Amplifi FX100 users see this and respond. Not certain but I think my modem is getting weak (over4 years old) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a poor WiFi connector Let me know if /when you post any tones on the Cloud. I hope to hear from other users! CK
  5. Hello! Anyone want to share what Android smartphone they are happy with and the screen size that works best for them. I have the FX100 and currently using a Samsung Tab A I bought for an additional $175. Works fine but a little sluggish when trying to move the sliders when making adjustments. Thinking that I could upgrade my Tracfone to a android smartphone and wonder what screen size works best. Also maybe getting a cheaper android tablet that works well or hell just keep the Samsung Tab A. Saving some cash let's me buy other toys! Thanks for responding and Best to you all! CK
  6. Aloha Cebreez or Anyone... You anything about "Tokens" I get errors about no tokens when I try to search for tones. Thanks!
  7. Sorry for the dumb question..What's a token and is it related to the related to the Line 6 or the Android? I have a Samsung Tab A with Android 5 (lollipop) and Bluetooth 4.2. Seems the Tab is a slow response to my touch with the sliders but it works. What Android products do you use?
  8. Aloha Cebreez! Yeah I just bought from Costco the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Android 5.0 Lollipop and Bluetooth 4.1 So I will try again to connect tonight or tomorrow. Then if It does not work i'll call the Line 6 tech. They have been pretty good at responding and hopefully they can walk me through whatever process needed. The biggest issue like you said is to maintain WIFI connection when upgrading firmware...otherwise the unit will go bananas and blink until it gets upgraded. Happy Thanksgiving! Clinton
  9. Aloha "Just Starting" Thanks for responding! I bought an HP Laptop with Windows 10 and with help from Line 6 tech Jason was able to to update the latest firmware. Had to put the FX 100 in update mode (I think A/C buttons pressed and turn on unit and then all four buttons stay lit). Used the Line 6 Updater with USB connected to laptop and it did the rest. Then I reset the FX100 and Recalibrated. I think my main issue was that while updating firmware my WIFI was cutting in and out. Now my next challenge is to get my Galaxy Tab A to connect via Bluetooth. Tried several times to install and uninstall Amplifi Remote APP and to uninstall/forget the Bluetooth link to the FX 100 and to re-pair but with very limited success. When I "skip" connecting to the FX100 and look at the APP the switches do not move all the time and that's the same when I do connect to FX 100 via Bluetooth. It might be that this particular Galaxy Tab A does do es not have the best Bluetooth. Thanks for your help with this! Clinton What Android product do you use?
  10. I have the same issue. Now my FX100 will not function. All four preset buttons stay lit (no longer blinking). Would appreciate some advice as well! rayaipo@yahoo.com
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