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Can't get a decent tone from Amplifi 150 - Spider Jam Mops the Floor with It.


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OK folks. I don't get it. On paper the Amplifi 150 has all the goods to sound well, good. But, I've got an open back Spider Jam that in my opinion mops the floor with it. No matter what dirt I add it just seems flat. I've got a Roland Cube that also trounces the Amplifi. I suppose the bluetooth playback with full range drivers is a bonus but guess what? The bluetooth range is awful. A good practice amp for a newbie but that's all I see at this point. If you've got settings that let this thing breath let me know but I've tried all the high gain models and boosts. Tempting to crack it open and slap in an Eminence Governor .

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I find that the EQ section can help a lot with this.


Before adjusting the EQ I found many of the amps sounded worse than their counter parts in the Spider IV 75 amp I have. I have an Amplifi 150.


First turn off every block. What you will have is a pretty lifeless sounding amp. Next turn on the EQ section and adjust it for a flat, but full sound. Get the amount of highs and lows you want, but don't over do it. Next pick the amp you want and see if that sounds better. You can always adjust the EQ section a bit more if you need to.


Hope that helps.

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