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Pod XT Live with Looper pedal

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Hopefully someone can answer this question. Im thinking of buying a looper pedal to use with my Pod XT Live. I understand that if connecting the Pod to an amp with the Looper in the middle then it works fine. I wont be using an amp,

ill be using headphones so how would i connect the looper?


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I run the L & R 1/4" outputs of my XTLive into the L & R 1/4" inputs of a JamMan stereo looper. I plug my phones into the looper's mini headphone jack... and the sound is amazing. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. You could plug the phones into the XTL's headphone jack, but then you wouldn't hear the looper when you overdub.


Extra detail: I actually use an Avantree low latency Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the looper's headphone jack, and it's paired with low latency Bluetooth phones (the headphone wire was in the way). Contrary to what some think, you can use BT, but going that route you need a transmitter and phones that use the AptX Low Latency codec. AptX LL has a 40 milli-second lag, which is imperceptible to the ear.

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