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Block Edit Mode – Vote it Up!


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Helix has sooo many blocks to offer. Even an experienced editor, knowing all blocks by heart, will cycle and play through many blocks in order to find the right one for the job. Doing this, it is not just annoying / incovenient to bow down to the Helix. It interupts the playing and therefore makes comparing harder; takes focus away from finding the right block. Helix Edit on a Computer doesn't solve this problem; you still have to stop playing, grab the mouse, find the cursor, move to the list of blocks, click to expand the list, select ur block, doubleclick–

With the current build (2.21) you hold "Mode" for 2 seconds to get into "Parameter Edit Mode".
I wanna suggest to go a step further and add the whole navigation on the main display to a second level Edit Mode:
If you hold the button for 2 additional seconds, you come into "Block Edit Mode", which gives all the joysticks features + Bypass and Action to a whole new layer.
From the block edit mode, you can navigate and highlight everything like you would with the joystick.
Example for my suggested solution:
I want to insert a new block on position 4 of Path 1A.
1. Hold MODE for 2 seconds to come to Parameter Edit mode
2. DONT STOP HOLDING for 2 more seconds to get into Block Edit Mode
3a. either press Enter for the list of all blocks and traverse with up, left, right, bottom
3b. traverse blocks with "prev" and "next" (maybe bad wording) > equvialent for spinning the joystick
4. Move to Slot 5 with "right"
5a / b. add another block
6. Realizing I want to switch positions, press Action
7. Push it left via "left"
8. "next", "next", "next", "That's the one!"
9. Press Parameter to get into the parameter edit mode directly for this block
10. Tweak some parameters
11. This is the only caveat in my solution so far. Getting back from this screen to the Block Edit Mode requires a new button; but currently everything is full. Maybe "Exit and Save" can go to "Back to Block Edit Mode" (only when you came to this screen from the Block Edit Mode)
12. Smile
I hope this rundown wasn't too confusing.
For potential clearness I visualized how the mode could look



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