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POD Pro quit working


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I have a POD Pro that has been in my studio for years. I have the foot controller for it and I use the SPDIF output to my protools interface (digi 003)..


recently, the volume level has been super low. (may have been the floor controller pedal... not sure. Too late to find out now.


Two days ago, by display started saying Pod Pro over and over again. I have never seen that before. I pushed some buttons to try to get a response and turned the power of and on a few times. Now it has no display. The red "vent lights" come on, but nothing else.


Has anyone ever had this happen before? I assume the POD Pro message was an error or impending failure message, especially in light of the failure.


What does it mean?

What can I do? 

Is this fixable?


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Hi. I had similar probleem. I took out Pods chip ant turned it on and waited for 10 seconds (lights may go crazy) and then placed my chip back (!!!!Do it very steady or you will ruin your chip!!!!!!!!) When u put chip back, dont bush it too hard to its place. maybe u need to swhits sides with chip. if u get it working. then u bush it back again.

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