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X3 Live's stomp switch capabilities


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Two questions on the X3 Live's stomp switches capabilities...

Is there any situation in which the Bank Up/Bank Down footswitches do something other than only change banks?  For example, going up and down consecutively between all presets, regardless of bank, such that pressing the Up switch takes you straight from preset 31D to preset 32A in one single stomp.  ...or anything, really, other than what they do now.

My main concern is obviously about making those switches more useful, but my secondary concern is using the X3's midi out, because those Bank Up/Bank Down switches send zero midi signal out, so as far as midi on my PC's host DAW goes, they don't even exist.  If I'm not using the X3's onboard sounds, I'd love to make those switches into something other than shiny, but functionless, pieces of chrome.

Similar question about the A\B\C\D switches...  Is there ever a situation in which the A\B\C\D switches do something other than select the current bank's 1-4 presets?  I get the impression that the xt live would've helped me here if I'd bought that instead, because it has a "manual mode" that changes the A\B\C\D functions, but Line 6 seems to have removed this feature from the X3.  With regard to midi, they do at least send out Program Change midi, but CC midi is more useful for turning on/off effects in a software VST running in my DAW.



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