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Fizzing and spluttering


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I installed native a few nights ago and it was working fine. I was so impressed.


Today when I fired up Tracktion I get a fizzing and spluttering when I play. I've tried increasing the buffer size and it's still the same. I have changed nothing. The cpu usage does look to be quite high in the DAW monitor.


Any ideas?


Thank you for your time.


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I've had another play and I think maybe down to my computer specification.


It's a windows10 laptop with an i5 processor and 6 gig of ram.


It is fine with only one track, but if I add more than one track, even just a drum loop without any processing the cpu usage goes through the roof. And real time monitoring becomes not an option.

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Hi again,


Thank you very much twpmeister for pointing me in the right direction.


I did a bit of research and downloaded a latency checker. Loads of problems were being reported.

The report suggested that there might be cpu throttling going on. I changed the power plan from balanced to maximum performance and now it works perfectly The latency checker instantly reported no problems.


Thank you so much twpmeister for the help.



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