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Anyone port Helix Native presets to HD? Can you please?


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Hi HD users,

As much as it would be nice to have a Helix ($2500 in Sydney)I cannot afford one now nor can I justify one.

I am also not going to buy Helix Native as it is ridiculously expensive and even worse an investment

than a digital camera or computer.

One plan was to sell my vast collection of cheap gear keeping much of it but I find myself lusting after guitars

rather than a Helix if I have ebay money. LOL


Anyway, I have demo'd Hx Native and really did like it alot. The FX are just so lush and detailed. Night and day on the HD.

That said the amp models on the HD held up much better.


I ported many of the clean guitar presets over to the HD by painstakingly

pulling up the same values on the HD as indicated in a Native patch. I was able to do about two a night.

I used mostly the HD USB as an interface but sometimes the s/pdif. A Bing back to Native always sounded better,

way more lush.


Even with the same model set to the same values as it was in the Helix a few amp models

sounded very different in gain. Not all, a couple sounded better than the Hx at the time.

Some models not available were done with the closest model available in the HD.

Native makes use of their newer models in the presets,


To my surprise porting them over like this opened up ideas I would never of

thought of and introduced me to FX models in the HD I rarely used. Having to find

near enough substitutes for Native only FX really opened my ears to what and how

some of the FX in the HD were. (Some come to life when louder rather than hidden in the mix)


The more I did this the better I got at substituting what the HD was lacking including some of the

routing option presets in Native. I also became aware that the percentages on HxN didn't always

translate as well the parameter values. Plus there are more parameters on some of the FX than available

in the HD and sometimes less. Interestingly the DEP editing in the Helix is simpler.

No one who owns a Helix is going to go thru the pain of porting their patches over to the HD to be able to shed light on the values


And the result is a couple of patches that sound great and better cleans than what was in my HD

and a few that are interesting as well as a few that didnt translate that well and not coming good at all.

I might of made a few mistakes too as it is a pain to do this.


Anyway since, my trial ran out I didnt get a chance to tweak in Native it's patches at all to

suit my setup as I was too interested in porting what sounded good from the get go. Call me cheap,

call me nasty. That's Rock n Roll baby! But it did sound good out the box!


Since then I have further tweaked the ported patches to suit my setup but forgot to save

it as a setlist before I messed with them, just as they were ported from Native. Sorry about that as

I could of uploaded those so anyone would then be able to tweak to their set ups.


So, ff you haven't demoed the Native trial please do and port over your favs. Cheers

Dont forget you can d/l customtone Helix,LT and Native patches but most were not as good as the presets in Native

that I tried and much like HD customtones very rare to find a good one that translates on your setup.

If you tweak your computer to never go on standby or hybanate or switch off your computer you can leave a Native plugin opened

onscreen though it will not process the tone the patch after the trial has expired but the

data will remain at least until you are tired of having that session opened or your computer restarts itself one day.

In other words access to the data in the patch.

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Helix LT is $1700 here and the Helix is another $1k on that.

I'd prefer a guitar for that sort of money when I already have a HD

that does pretty much the same albeit not as good.

And I refuse to spend that much on a guitar as well, but that is just me.

Here is the real reason, it is not the money as you can get zero percent loans.

I have been working two jobs including weekends last few years so it is really time to play

and get the most out of it factor for me. When I got my HD500 I worked one job and had every weekend to play.

It would be nice to have a Helix if you got time to play it, Good for you and your Art! Enjoy!

Porting some presets to the HD will have to do for me for the once a week noodling I can squeeze in.

I like to be well rested to play guitar these days! LOL Somehow squeeze a gig in.

When I do have more time the Helix might be easier to come by used or there is a Helix Mk II or

who knows what will be the bees knees then! Cheers

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