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Pod Farm Plug In suddenly not active


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Hi, not sure if Line 6 or Cubase issue, thinking the latter, but try here anyway


Up until 2 days ago I had PF2 working happily in Cubase 9.

Now all of a sudden it is no longer supplying the effects to the recorded guitar track.

Its there.

Cubase still has PF2 in the inserts, but its almost as if it has bypassed the insert, (although it hasnt)


So now I have a weak track missing all its Pod Farm delicious-ness.


Being that Pod Farm ( and the respective patch) still works as stand alone, me thinks Cubase is up to something.

But I also reserving my anger for random Windows 10 update, suspiciously about he same time.


I am using UX2, btw.


Please help stem the tears

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