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Not entering calibration when pressing D button

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Et al,


Greetings. I have an FBV Shortboard MKII.

When following the calibration procedure, it never enters calibration.

I press and hold the D button and plug in the cat5 and whatever bank I am in remains displayed, it does not go to calibration.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


FYI, everything is functioning otherwise normally. Meaning, the D button and all other buttons for that matter do what they are supposed to do apart from the not going into calibration.





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I'm experiencing the exact same issue with a recently purchased, used shortboard mkii. Everything works fine, won't enter calibration mode. Now, that said, the calibration seems to be right, meaning full toe down it's at 127, full heel down it's at 0. Maybe that's why?? Doesn't seem right, but...

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