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Problems Setting Input Levels In 4 Cables Method

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Hallo to everyone!


I've been using Pod X3 Live for 5 years as stand alon unit directly connecte to PA with great results.


After having sold my TC Electronics G-System, I would now need to use it sometimes in 4-cables method connected to my custom guitar head, Masotti X100M.


I'm pretty familiar with that configuration, as I used it for several years with G-Sys.

But using X3 live I'm experimenting some problems in volume levels setting.


In particular, I have big volume drop when connecting the Pod to amp front end (pod fx send --> amp input): if compared with guitar directly in amp input, when I pass through Pod it seems I loose a lot of signal.

I tried to compensate volume loss increasing loop send level, but when I match clean channel volume levels I notice that crunch and lead channels distortion level increases. So if I turn back loop send level to match amp lead channel distortion level, when I switch to clean channel I have again clean channel volume ridicously low.


On the other hand, I'm fully satisfied of the regulations of the interface between amp loop and pod: regulating loop return level and amp bypass level I exactly paired amp alone volumes, with apparently very small tone losses.


Is there someone who experimented similar issues?

Is there any suggested setting to overcome the problem?


Note: I have set guitar pad on as with most of my guitars clip red light is almost always red! =(



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