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Amplifi 75 or Fender GT40?


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Hi Everyone,


I have owned Line 6 amps and still have a Spider 75 with FBV and it has been a reliable and fun amp.  I do not play out, only in my living room, next to my computer work station and I have Amplitube 4 on my iPad Gen 1 but get tired of headphones.


I've been wanting a stereo guitar amp that I could stream music to that I could then play along with and when the Amplifi first came out, I was tempted to purchase one but there were so many negative comments on so many varied forums regarding poor Bluetooth capability, that I shied away.  In the interim, I've been getting by with my PC to play songs and drum tracks.  


Now that I have a little money saved away again, I have been looking and saw that Sweetwater is offering the Amplifi 75 for $249.  That piqued my interest, and I have been reading/watching reviews on the Fender Mustang GT40 which has WiFi and Bluetooth.  


What scares me is that Line 6 hasn't produced a firmware update since August of 2016.  I don't want to buy the amp if it's at the end of its product life-cycle, and Line 6 has abandoned continuous improvement of it.  


Has the Bluetooth issues been resolved?  Is it compatible with my 1st Gen iPad?  What I like about Amplifi's feature set over the GT40 is that I can upload a song, and the amp will search for comparable amp models to replicate that sound.  That's very cool.  I also like the fact that it has a greater dynamic range of speaker components, which should make it sound better than the GT40, though I don't want to get into tone-snobbiness.  Tone is all in the eyes of the beholder.  I play in the den, not club.  ;0)


Please let me know what you experienced people think.


Also, since I have the original FBV shortboard pedal, is it true that it is incompatible?





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Hi Chris, I don't believe your ipad gen 1 would work with Amplifi, the app requires a higher OS than what that ipad can support. The original FBV shortboard is also incompatible with Amplifi.

I use my Amplifi 30 just about everyday for playing music and occasionally jamming, and don't encounter any bluetooth problems. Sometimes I need to manually sync up to start, but as long as I do it correctly I haven't experienced any problems.

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