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Too low level from Line 6 XD-V35


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Hello all,


I have just purchased a line 6 XD-V35 wireless lavalier mic with bodypack transmitter TPB06. I want to use it as a live webcast microphone. My old one was a cheap wired computer electret mic. This type  of mic produces around -10dBV (10mV) output which drives my computer mic input nicely.


Unfortunately the output of XD-V35 is too lw to drive the computer mic input adequately. Sound is too low (more than 20dB lower than the electret mic) and I have to yell just to be barely audible. Moreover, thew blue LED in XD-V35 that shows the presence of audio lights up only if I yell and only momentary. Is this normal;


I am suspecting a faulty unit, but before getting to all the troubles of repairing it, please advice if my suspicion of faulty unit is correct. 


Please note that I am using the 1/4â€, 1 kOhm Unbalanced output of XD-V35.


From the Tech specs of the XD-V35's%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20C%20).pdf


we can see (page 11) that the output should be 95 dBm!!! Is this correct, because I think is too high. Maybe it should be -95dBm, but then, again, is too low. What is the correct output level;


Thank you for your answers






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Hi Panos,


The blue LED only comes on with quite a high signal - you'll probably see it with a headset mic but it's not likely to light up much with a lav mic.


I suspect the problem here arises because of the connection you're using. That 1/4" output isn't intended to be connected to a mic input - the impedance is too high for that to work well. Are you using a 3.5mm mic input socket on your computer? They're generally very low quality and usually wired to provide a bias voltage for mics like your old electret. Connecting anything other than a mic specifically designed for that usage is unlikely to work well.


I think your best option here would be to use a really basic mixer in between the mic receiver and the computer's line input, not mic input. Alternatively, a USB audio interface with a mic input would probably work even better - have a look at the Behringer Xenyx 302USB for a budget solution. I really like the Focusrite Scarlett interfaces too if you want higher quality.



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I have purchased, as user Iknowathingortwo kindly suggested, a simpleXLR mic preamp compatible with the combined audio jack of my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) which is the same as the iPhone audio jack (combined headset and mic). 

It is an iRig pre:

It has variable amplification level.

Unfortunately, even in the maximum setting, the level of the XD-V35 wireless lavalier mic is still too low. Speaking in normal volume, the peaks recorded are way below -10dB (mean dB volume is, of course, much - much lower). 


Which brings me, again, to the question: 

From the Tech specs of the XD-V35 ( Rev C ).pdf

we can see (page 11) that the output should be 95 dBm!!! Is this correct, because I think is too high. Maybe it should be -95dBm, but then, again, is too low. What is the true output level; 

I need this to correctly choose an appropriate mic preamp. 


Thank you.

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The output spec for the XD-V35 receiver in the manual (p11) is a shambles! The XLR output is balanced and at mic level; the 1/4" jack is unbalanced and also mic level. The quoted level of 95dBm is just plain wrong!


I can't comment directly, because I have the hand-held version, but I've found plenty of output from the transmitter to drive a fairly insensitive input on my mixer/amp. I wonder if the 'audio present' LED on the body pack is lighting when you speak. If not, or only when you shout, it would suggest a fault either in the microphone itself, or in the pack.

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