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Strange behaviour of New purchased, used X3 Live


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Hello guys, My first but definitely not the last post on this forum.
So i bought X3 Live on ebay, a slightly used one but in a working condition, plugged it in everythings fine. But after some time, the sound changes in a weird way. The pitch weirdly lowers or something and its kinda of stuttering, also feels like the speakers are about to explode but the volume is the same. Im plugging it in using a usb cable into a pc, into Mixcraft 8 Daw.
Thanks in advance!
P.S. also, this my first processor ever after playing for 6 years. So im new to it but ive been recording a lot of stuff using just line in into pc, so im not a complete newbie, any advices on where can i start on learning the x3 Live?

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