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Helix rack midi out


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Hey all

Does anyone know if the midi out on the Helix rack has pins 1 and 3 wired?


I want to switch patches on my Voodoo Labs GCX from the Helix but the midi in on the GCX is active so it sends 9v DC current back down pins 1 and 3 and I don't want to cook my Helix.


Let me know people. Trying to get this bad boy hooked up and I don't know if I need to order passive cable as all mine have active pins 1 and 3.





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No reason to believe this is so. It really almost never is. But I don't know that I'd chance it. You should sell that and get Control for Helix Rack, tho. It's WAY more than a MIDI controller.


Got one. The GCX is powering loop changes for analog pedals.

The idea is I use the Helix Control to change patches on the Helix while sending midi CC or PC messages out to the GCX to activate the right loops.



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