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Pod Studio Gx Noise From Lineout

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Dear Support / Members


I have a POD Studio GX which I bought recently. I didnt have this issue before. Now All of a sudden Im hearing some crackling noises constantly as if its an old radio. Its really frustrating that I bought the product and it already started giving me issues. All I did is connect my POD Studio GX to my laptop and then plugged my headphones


I could hear the crackling noise on the headphones as soon as I plug it in to the lineout. The headphones work absolutely fine with the laptop line out. So its not a fault on the headphones. 


Can someone please help me out. I'm not happy at all with the product. My Behringer guitar interface was so good and cheaper than this by 50 bucks and was working flawlessly but I forgot to take it along with me when I left the country. 




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Hi Vinod,


              Do you mean that when you first started using the gx that it sounded ok or do you just mean that the behringer interface worked ok and the gx has had problems since you first tried using it?


I don't know what the exact problem is but often crackling is due to the tone direct settings and other computer settings.


You might have already tried this but if you open Pod Farm standalone and go to 'File', 'Preferences', 'Hardware', 'Tone Direct Settings' you get to the Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices utility. Under 'Driver', there is a section called 'ToneDirect and USB Audio Streaming and there is a lever which can be moved left and right. This has 'Buffer Size' written next to it. Try moving it as far as it will go to the right. Then click 'apply' and 'ok' and close pod farm. Re-open podfarm etc. and try playing and see if the crackling is still happening. If it is not, then go back to the same section and move the lever one position to the left and try again. Repeat this until the crackling begins again. Then go back and put the lever in the position where it did not crackle. It is normally best to have the lever as far to the left as possible without crackling.


If it does not stop the crackling then there are some other things you might like to try.


One page here gives some good help:






Hope something can help you,


God Bless,


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