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  1. Hi, In my DAW I have Pod Farm 2 Mono and Pod Farm 2 (which is stereo) as seperate plugins to choose.They both use the same file, but show up as seperate plugins in the DAW. Not sure if every DAW does this though. If I want to have a mono sound I choose the mono version and stereo if I want stereo. God Bless, David
  2. Hi, I wasn't sure if you meant your original post is not wanted anymore but I couldn't get the audio track from the link. David
  3. Hi, Forgive me if you are using the stereo plugin but just wondered if you are using the mono version of the plugin? With the mono plugin it does sound different. David
  4. Hi, Not sure if Live and Riffworks come as free downloads as the cds were linked to Line 6. When I got my cds with my ux2 I know that the Live was a Lite version and has some limits, but it is extremely handy for doing things like stretching audio and writing songs. I don't think I really used riffworks. I can't remember how the licensing works for the ux2 and pod farm but I think as long as you have the ux2, you can get pod farm (download) licensed. Someone else will know. For drums I use Hydrogen (it is free) and recording I use Zynewave Podium. God Bless David
  5. HI, I'm just wondering what you were meaning concerning plugging something into a power strip. Have you got a usb cable into a power strip that has a usb socket? David
  6. Hi, I know this is a long time later but if you see this reply I was just going to write about settings etc. 1st thing is that I myself use ASIO drivers and work fine in Ableton Live. The other thing is that you need to open up Pod Farm Standalone version and go to the mixer there and select your mic input. Then go to the part where it says "send 1-2" and "send 3-4" and choose how you want your DAW to get your sound. "Dry input" will give you the mic's sound with no effects added in standalone. If you choose "tone a" then you will get the effects you are using in standalone sent to the daw on the input that matches the send. If you are wanting to hear the mic when you record then I would turn standalone on and leave it on and turn down the daw's volume to 0 for that track you are recording. This combats hearing a delay. Forgive me if you know some of these things, but I thought I'd write anyway. God Bless, David
  7. Hi, Sorry it took so long to see your message and reply. That's interesting about your situation. I would think that if it was interference then there should be some of your voice appearing in the recordings. So, it sounds like it may be something else - or interference 'and' something else. I sometimes get my cable slightly knocked and it starts a pulsing noise in my speakers and outputted sound is distorted and weakened. It'd be good to know if intereference changes the situation again. I get interference when playing guitar but that's because of the pickups selected on the guitar and if I'm close to my computer monitor. When I record from a mic I (apart from noise from a mic problem I have) don't get interference - but I suppose it just depends on electrical equipment around you. God bless, David
  8. Hi, Do you mean that a podfarm plugin appears in cubase but that your saved settings are not in the podfarm pull down menu? David
  9. Hi, Sorry to ask more about your setup but wondered if you were playing back the exported audio with the same computer. I just wondered if somehow your computer's own soundcard setting has been affected by the ux2 - and therefore playback is not happening through the soundcard. Is your soundcard playing other files/youtube ok? God Bless, David P.S. When you record, is there anything visually showing up in the track being recorded? A waveform?
  10. Hi, I'm windows so can't really offer insight. Interesting that the Monkey isn't loading either. I can only think of what some others have found, - that some of pod farm remains when uninstalling. If no-one else can help, hopefully Line 6 can in the technical support page (Forgive me if you've been there already, but in case you don't know how to get there, it's under Support - Contact Technical Support). By the way, did you try 2.53 again? Interesting to see if that would not work too. God Bless, David
  11. Hi, I have just had a look in my computer and the vsts in my computer are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\POD Farm 2\VST\Line 6. Might be a different setup but maybe have a look and see if you have that folder. I had a look in my normal vst folder for my DAW and was surprised to not see them there. I must have just told my daw to use them from this folder. God Bless, David
  12. Hi Dennis, At the moment I can only see ways involving some other equipment. I'll mention them in case you might be interested in going this way. I think these two ways should work, but there might be something I haven't thought of - but anyway: The first would mean going from guitar to pod farm in the normal way, then having a 'dual tone' on Pod Farm, and mic and guitar selected as inputs. You would need a convertor or Direct Box or something to change the signal coming out from the device (ux2 or whatever you are using) into a mic signal level. It then would go back into pod farm via the Mic input (not through a mic - you would just be using the mic input to bring the guitar signal back in). Then this signal would go along the 2nd channel path in Pod Farm (i.e. the bottom path in a dual tone setting - the top path would be where the original guitar input would go) and other effects/amps could be placed there. The second way would be similar but go guitar - convertor - line in - pod farm - out to another convertor, into your peddles, another convertor :) , line in (other channel). You probably are really only wanting a straight in out method though. I'll have a think if I can think of any other ways of doing it. God Bless, David
  13. Hi Thickage, In terms of vocal things, I saw a program which is not free called The Mouth. Would maybe be a fun thing to have. I know what you mean when it comes to vocals. I don't do a lot of things to really change the sound - like using a vocoder, other effects etc. but there are some things I can think of which help me. You might have tried these but I'll mention a few ideas: There are some plugins that can help vocs while keeping the original type of sound. Things like a pitch shifter to allow you to manually or automatically get the notes adjusted to get them more in tune, reverbs and delays can help to thicken the vocal so that it's not so thin or weak sounding, compression to help cut down on ups and downs in volume levs, and eq. If you have a recording which sounds a bit thin, you can record more takes of the same vocal and mix them together, or copy the same track and put a delay effect on one version and maybe some other effects like maybe a pitch shifter to slightly put extra vocs out of tune, as this helps them blend if it is the same voice on both tracks. There are also the effects in pod farm but you have probably tried them. God Bless, David
  14. Hi, I just did a bit of testing and found that you can get A/B if you choose the Pod Farm Mono as the plugin instead of the stereo version which is just called Pod Farm. Then if you go to Dual button up the top and copy (if you already have a tone you want) or create a new tone. Hope this works, God Bless, David
  15. Hi, Are you able to hear other things with it - like videos etc.? Have you had a look in the computer's sound settings? It could have switched to another sound card. Also, is this happening with Pod Farm standalone or the plugin in another program, or with another program? David
  16. Hi porkef I'm not sure if the battery might be losing it's charge. If you haven't tried already, try totally using up the battery life and then recharge and see if that makes any difference. It could be that the battery is losing it's ability to fully charge though :( I haven't found any web pages which provide a source for batteries, but I found a page on the internet that describes how to install a new battery. http://www.essortment.com/replace-line-6-backtrack-recorder-battery-160258.html You might have already seen that site. I saw a 2009 post on line 6 where someone from Line 6 said that they didn't have a way people could replace the batteries but that they might provide a way in the future. Do you know the product name / number of the battery? Hope you can find a way to get it working how you'd like. God Bless, David
  17. Hi, Would it be possible for you to take a couple of pictures/screenshots of the screen and post them? Maybe if you showed each section of the sound settings and also what pod farm looks like in the mixer view. Maybe the 'Line 6 AUdio-Midi devices boxes too (open pod farm standalone - go to file -preferences - hardware - and press tone direct settings). It might help so we can see what might be the problem. God Bless, David
  18. Hi frstrat, If you are running pod farm in a DAW (recording program), then what you could do is make a dual tone in pod farm on your track and then add another instance of Pod Farm (or other effects in the DAW) after this on the same track. If you are using the standalone version of Pod Farm, then it might not be possible. I wonder if someone else knows of a way? If you are using the standalone version then you could try using a DAW and putting a version of Pod Farm in that and have it as the post effects and have Pod Farm standalone running through to the DAW with it's wet effected signal. There are a couple of problems with this however. 1. There is added 'latency' (time it takes for the sound to be produced after playing the note) with this, so there would probably be a noticable delay between what a single unit would give you and what this will give you. On the other hand though, it might give you different sound that you might actually prefer. 2. You would be hearing the un-post effects version as well as the post effects version (if that makes sense :) ) If you didn't want this, you could turn down standalone's volume and just listen to the sound from the DAW, but you will probably notice a delay then. Hope this hasn't been confusing. God Bless, David
  19. I'll add Zynewave Podium as another program you might like to try. There is a free version. I use the bought version for recording and mixing. I also have used Audacity to clean some things up and then put them back into Podium. I also have been using Ableton Live a bit to fix some things and then bring the tracks back into Podium. Its good to try some different programs. I had had Ableton Live Lite for a few years and never touched it and then I wanted to try doing certain things to audio tracks and I found that Ableton had this feature the whole time! :) Sometimes you don't know what you've got. :) God Bless David
  20. Hi, In properties (when right clicking the ux2 in the box, does it say 'use this device' in the general tab?
  21. Hi ninen2001, I don't get that bar in my windows but II see in the picture that the stereo mix has the tick next to it. If you right click on the ux2 one, does it give an option like set as default device? If it does, try clicking that and then see if the tick goes to it instead.
  22. Hi, I haven't got a kb37 but if I can help I'll try. I have used Ableton a little bit though. By the way the -1 box is a thing showing how people are judged on here. If people help others etc they get given points etc. I'll try and help with your problem. Was there a specific thing not working or not sure about? God Bless David
  23. Hi Melly_Rock, I don't know anything about the Backtrack, but I have had a bit of a look and I saw that someone said their backtrack needed a usb charger to charge it and not a computer usb port. As you said, you know it works with a computer ( as this article also makes clear http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb09/articles/line6backtrack.htm ), so maybe there is some computer setup problem causing this - ie why this other person couldn't get it charging from a computer. I am not a mac expert but I know that on pcs, usb ports can be chosen to share power etc and also sometimes one port is better than another. I'm sure you've probably tried the possible ports though. Do you have any other devices that charge from computer ports? Are they charging ok? Sorry I can't help you much. If you haven't tried already, maybe you could go to this page and contact the technical support people: http://line6.com/company/contact/ Hopefully someone can help you out. It's never nice to have to just think it must have died. Even if it has, there might be an electrician who might be able to fix it. God Bless, David
  24. Hi zacharybuckler and nbron21 Zacharybuckler, that is unfortunate. Is there sound coming out the mic? What setup are you using? Windows/Mac? - and are you using a programme to run things from or just pod farm? Nbron21, I think that might be that you need to go into the thing called Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices (you can find this by going into podfarm standalone and then - File - Preferences - Hardware and click on Tonedirect settings. The box that comes up has a section which allows you to choose input for the dial. It is possibly set to something else. Click the tab called inputs and recording and then select input. Hopefully this will be the reason. God Bless, David
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