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POD HD500 Effects Loop Help - can't get Vol Pedal to work...


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Ok, I've decided to dust off my HD500 and use this as my pedal and effects board thru the effects loop of my amp using the 4CM. I haven't gotten that far yet, I just got the HD5 out again, literally dusted off the cobwebs and updated all the drivers, patches, etc.

I then created a few new programs after the "firewall" thingie (effects section of the amp), selected FX Loop, then say Reverb, Chorus, whatever. I added a Wah in this area, and the pedal functions fine, I can sweep up and down and see it move in the programming.

However I try this as a Volume pedal and I get no movement, no sweep.  I did the Vol Pedal re-calibration following I think it was Dave (or Steve's?) video instructions on YouTube, got that straight, tried again, still no Volume pedal.

When I try a pre-built model from say the Best of HD500 the Vol Pedal works fine, and I move them into the effects loop section and it works fine. But when I try to insert into a program I get nothing...

So, sorry for what maybe a very basic question but I thought I'd ask and perhaps save myself a lot of troubleshooting grief...

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It was Exp 1 vs. Exp 2, I had to engage the switch in order to swap over. Perhaps this is setup like this on purpose, Wah is Exp 1 and Vol is Exp 2 all the time, but I couldn’t figure out how to move between these too. And the “switch†on the pedal has no feeling, I thought I was going to break the pedal when trying to engage but eventually it switched. Once there the Vol pedal program is Exp 2 (Green) and the Wah remains Exp 1 in two different programs, I don’t intend on using them together.

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