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Hello @all,


I'm looking for some advice.

On my JTV 69 I'm using Dunlop Zakk Wyde strings 0.010 gauge.

I like the sound but have some problems with the tuning. To adjust the 6th, 5th and 4th string to excat octave at the 12th fret, I had to screw the brigde very far toward the neck (tone on the 12th fret is to low).

Even the 6th string (E-string) sounds ugly on the 12 fret (inharmonic overtones).

Have you guy any ideas for me how to solve the Problem?

I guess I will try the OEM d'Addario XL strings next time, but I'm noch quite sure if this solves the problem.

So I'm grateful for any hint.

TIA Edgar

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Hey Edgar,

I have a 69 and the first thing I did was put 9's on it, can't bend the 10's. I have always used D'Addario.


Strings not withstanding, the bridge was pretty much all the way back when I got the guitar, it was not floating at all. With it pulled back the intonation will probably be iffy so I would suggest adjusting the bridge first if it's not floating and then redo the intonation before changing the strings again.


Once the bridge was level the intonation needed minor adjustment but settled in nicely. And the neck did not need any adjustment with the lighter gauge strings.

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Hi Javadog,

thank you for your post.

I have no problems by bending 10's. I play also several Jazz and Semi guitars with 11's strings and can bend ;)

I would like to test even 11's but don't like to adjust the tremolo for the higher tension. For the same reason I don't like to change to 9's. Even I think that the acoustik models will sound more natural with a higher string tension.

I just need to have an advice which strings will work fine on the JTV-69

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