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New Pod Pro Hd Owner

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Hello all!


I'm a new poster here as well as a new Pod Pro HD owner. I picked this up to simplify my live rig as well as recording.


I've been into tube amps for 20 years, with the last 12 or so playing Mesa Boogies (Mark V, Stiletto & Roadster). My A-Rig is the Roadster with a bunch of pedals and rack gear. While it's an awesome rig, it needs lots of volume to sound its best, and with the head & associated gear in a rack it's extremely heavy as well as complex to troubleshoot.


For live use I plan to run the Pod into a Mesa Rectifier 2:100 Poweramp, in stereo into two Mesa vertical 2X12's, controlled with a FBV shortboard.


My main guitars are a 75 Les Paul custom & a 2012 Les Paul Signature T, both with active pup's.


I would appreciate any tips or tricks to help me get this setup properly. Any "required reading"? Tips on I/O settings etc?




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A trick I picked up from Glenn Delaune for stereo is to place a Delay on the Left channel and set it to 20ms.  Only let the 20ms delayed sound come out of the left channel, none of the original sound and no feedback either.  That way it widens the stereo effect considerably.  It really gives a big sound when playing live.  The further apart your guitar cabs are the better.


For my normal Digital Delay, I have the Left channel set to 290ms and the right channel set to 310ms.  This gives me another slight widening of the delayed sound.


If you do all this stereo widening, be careful with reverbs.  You'll find that you don't need much, if any.


Other than that, I have the PODHD going Studio Direct into my power amps. 

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