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Wireless Connections

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I am taking beginner electric guitar lessons on-line and am trying to be thoughtful with my practicing by using wired headphones. Presently,  I'm  tethered to my Line 6, Spider IV 15 amp with guitar and headphone cords. Is there an economical way to connect the guitar and headphones wirelessly to the amp?




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'Economical' - probably not!  You could plug the base unit of a wireless headphone set into the headphone output, these usually run $60 or more.  You could also get a Bluetooth transmitter unit.  One problem with wireless headphones I had (quite a few years ago) was latency - a slight delay in the signal.  The sound was nowhere near as good (with a cheap set of wireless headphones) as a set of wired headphones costing the same amount.

The least expensive wireless input systems for guitar are around $100 and not worth it - poor sound and drop-outs.

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