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Does this work to install the latest Factory and Template presets?


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Wondering if you unchecked all of the categories under the 'Presets' heading in the HX Edit 2.51 "Restore From Backup" screen if it would overwrite only the Factory and Template presets with the ones from the latest firmware without overriding your user presets? Unchecking the Factory and Template setlists was how you kept the latest ones using the restore backup screen in HX Edit 2.30. Will it install the latest using this method in HX Edit 2.51? 


Alluded to this elsewhere but was wondering if anyone had tried it or if Line6 could let us know if it works. Seems like an easier method than doing a global reset and then having to restore the user setlists. If this works it would prevent even having to restore/overwrite your user presets from backup and would load just the newest Factory and Template presets via HX Edit's "Restore From Backup" screen.

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