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POD HD 500x -> Peavey Windsor


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Hey there! I was looking for the best way to connect my POD HD 500x into a Peavey Windsor´s Head (with 4x12 peavey cabinet).

The first conection tried when i got my hands on the gear was 1/4 out (pod) to  (Peaveys head) Hi Gain, and my guitar to the POD.

I tried different equalizations for about a year now  but i still ddn´t get the sound i want out of it.

I am now trying some other setting where i connect my POD to the Peavey RETURN slot. The sound improved mostly on cleans or other HD presets, overall i think it sounds a bit better. I was wondering if anyone could help me out figuring what would be the best way to make this all work.
Feel free to ask for aditional information.


Thank you!


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it depends on what you want:


1) using your full (pre-amp + power-amp) amp and the POD only for effects..


2) using only the power-amp (thus bypassing the pre-amp) of your amp and the pre-amp models of the POD + effects..




case 1) for maximum flexibility of effect models placement you need to use the four cable method..


case 2) all you need is to connect the POD directly to the RETURN input on the rear panel of your amp




for the 4CM there are several guides, one of the best is the following one: 4CM with new POD HDs


instead for the POD-->RETURN's amp direct connection theoretically in your case you should set the POD output mode to stack power-amp, and use only the pre-amp versions of the amp models with "no cab" selected, but feel free to experiment also the Studio/Direct output mode which enables the true cab models in case you decide to activate/try them with your amp for more options..


ideally the full amp models and their cabs should work as intended if your hear them directly through a flat response system, like PA, monitors, keyboard amps..

however you can try them also with an amp for guitar, this way they will never be as intended but they can still give interesting results

Thanks i already had tried a few of the tips you talked about earlier, such as changing the output mode to stack power amp, but i guess i never tried fully the 4 cable method. i still didn´t share the problem that the Windsor doesn´t have a pedal to change the channel to CLean. I tried ordering one at the local store and also on amazon but they both told me that the Pedal was discontinued???? well, that´s one of the reasons i am trying other methods, although i am no sound enginner and i have to look everything up without (sometimes) having a clue where to start.

I still am going to try a few of your tips.

Thank you for all of you help!!!

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