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Locating Preset Effects and setting ABCD foot switch buttons with them


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Been spending all day researching how to stop going around in circles on my POD X3 Live to find the 15 acoustic settings mentioned in the manual or any other of the 128 presets to hear them. All I get are the couple dozen the previous owner setup. The manual says to rotate the select knob until the 1+2 option is reached, then turning again?? Hello, if you rotate the knob the first time, continuing to rotate it doesn't make that choice happen. So, please dont just tell me I can find this in the manual, or anywhere in YouTube where no one seems to want to address anything regarding effects except how to modify them.


I just want to find them and put them in a location easy to switch and forth from while playing a gig in two days. Thank you...

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All right here is the solution to finding the presets and putting them where you want (1A, 1B. 1C,1D etc) on the Pod X3 Live.

With the Display window in "Home Page" (manual page 3-8) turn the far left "Multi-Function Knob" (Item 8 on 3-8). That will show nine different options all starting with the number "1"

to see which preset section each represents go to --

example turn to 1 Direct San Diego to get to the Accoustic presets.

Then turn the Home knob to go through that section to select one, Press the Home knob once and then turn to go through the numbered A,B,C,D options. When you have the one you want press the Home knob twice and it is saved there.


For example to put 'Moody Tweed' on 3A. Press the Home button to get the screen on the Home Page (not the Save to page) turn the far left button of the four directly underneath that screen clockwise until the display shows "1 American Punk" turn the Home button clockwise until #26. 'Moody Tweed' is displayed. press the Home button once. Rotate the Home button either direction to go through each sequential numbered Alpha (1A,1B,1C,1D, 1B, 2B) until you get to 3A then press the Home button twice to save it there.


To get back to 3A or whichever numbered sequence of A-D  you set-up, click the A button and use the up and down arrows, bottom far left of the board to navigate. (or the B button, or the C button....

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