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XD-V7x Updates - need help!

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I need some help with Line 6 XD-V75 Firmware Updates


Seems like youtube info is out of date with current Line6 support pages.


I think I need to use Monkey - but can't find good instructions on it.


I've downloaded Monday versions 1.72 and 1.74 - USB pick list stops at Variax... I don't see XD-V70 or V75 on list.


I have several XD-V7x systems (75s and 70s, handhelds and body packs, and want to update to most current firmware.


Hoping someone here can help point me to links and/or YouTube that can help.


Do I need special USB Cable or interface box to do this?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi MKalisz,

How did you know that the LIne 6 XD-V75 beltpack and handheld transmitters needed Firmware Updates?


I have never updated any Firmware on our same systems in over 5 years. Am I missing something?


Also, is anyone else having a horrible time with the Line 6 XD-V75 Beltpack transmitter battery doors?


Ours are incredibly difficult to get locked and then re-open. We use rechargeable Energizer  batteries, and replace all of them at least 3-4x per year, and we only have one Sunday service, several high holy day services, and memorials that they are being used at. Seems they should not be SO difficult to open and close, even while holding down the small black button on the rubber strip on the slider.


It seems the sliding mechanism doesn't give or something.


Because rechargeable batteries can become 'swollen' after a while, which is what we first thought the problem was, we make sure to replace them every 4 months or so.


A few of our battery door hinges have actually snapped off!  HELP> Anyone else having this issue with theirs? Solutions?



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