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Amplifi fx100 annoying delay transition issues


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Ok so.

   recently bought an fx100 and updated the thing. Really quite happy with the general array of tones etc but have an issue when changing patches where a delay effect is engaged.

  Basically when changing patch from one with a delay engaged to another tone where another delay is engaged there is a rediculous 1950s science fiction swirling delay transition sound which makes the unit absolutely unuseable live.  Is there any way to stop this from happening??

I need to be able to use the delays that are built into the pedal and change without this noise. Ive used dozens of different multi effect units over the years and have never had this problem with any of them. This one bad feature makes this whole unit an issue for me live. And to be honest, not being able to use it with the delays that are there to be used is crazy. Surely nobody can stand to have these high pitched wierd noises flying out of the thing just because another patch is selected?!


Please can someone advise on how this can be stopped. Or can line 6 fix the issue with another update??



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Maybe I'm a bit late to the party :)
I took a used unit a few days ago, just for fun and to try something new - I'm not really a guitar player anymore since many years... but I've been very disappointed noticing this issue... Moreover, the patch changing is not seamless: there's always a small gap of silence between them. What I want to try is changing between patches that has the same delay or chorus settings, only with different "mix" values (or the same amp+cabinet combo) to see what's giving those gaps.

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