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  1. Ok so. recently bought an fx100 and updated the thing. Really quite happy with the general array of tones etc but have an issue when changing patches where a delay effect is engaged. Basically when changing patch from one with a delay engaged to another tone where another delay is engaged there is a rediculous 1950s science fiction swirling delay transition sound which makes the unit absolutely unuseable live. Is there any way to stop this from happening?? I need to be able to use the delays that are built into the pedal and change without this noise. Ive used dozens of different multi effect units over the years and have never had this problem with any of them. This one bad feature makes this whole unit an issue for me live. And to be honest, not being able to use it with the delays that are there to be used is crazy. Surely nobody can stand to have these high pitched wierd noises flying out of the thing just because another patch is selected?! Please can someone advise on how this can be stopped. Or can line 6 fix the issue with another update??
  2. Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. I have done this a few times and still nothing but I have had a development. I plugged the amplifi into an iMac running 10.7 so and it worked immediately. So line6. Is there an issue with 10.6 os on Mac? And what do I need to do to get my iPad to see it. Incidentally it's an iPad mini running latest iOS.
  3. I've just tried this on a Mac running 10.7 so and it worked fine! Weird
  4. I'm using a MacBook pro 10.6.8 os. Amplifi 75. I've tried everything I can think of and the amp is still not seen in the sound settings. There is however something called procasteraudioredirector. Which does nothing when selected. Is it possible that my so has auto installed the wrong driver? I'm really wanting to get this working now as I've had the amp a week. Was delighted to see that usb had been engaged for recording (well done line6 it's a great product with that feature being the icing on the cake). However since buying the amp I've done nothing but bang my head against the wall since. Really want to get this working and productive. Please someone. Help!!
  5. I am having a similar problem with an amplify 75. Done the update. Done the reset. Still not being recognised by either Ipad or MacBook Pro. Has anyone found a solution to this yet?
  6. Hi. I have updated by Amplifi 75 to the latest 2.1 firmware via my ipad. This is confirmed inside the app. I reset the Amp by holding the two buttons down. This is confirmed by the original sounds being back in the amp. I have since tried plugging the amplifi 75 into my ipad via a camera adapter USB but it is not recognised by the ipad. I also plugged this into a Macbook Pro and it was not recognised by the computer in settings either. Nor through garageband or cubase. I have trawled the net but no info that relates so far. Can anyone suggest what Im doing wrong or have I got a faulty amp?
  7. Ok thank you for that info. I understand that the two things obviously were made to marry in this way. Perhaps better to just buy a pedal. In your opinion, would the original up down pedals that came with the duo verb etc send the correct info to a spider?
  8. Hi all. A bit of an odd question. I use an X3 live for just about everything. I recently acquired a Spider iv 120 combo and think it has some potential for some circumstances but don't have a foot controller. Because it has no midi etc I can't use the X3 live to control it. was just wondering if anyone had tried to use the variax socket ethernet to control a spider combo? Its just preset changes I want to achieve. I know that the variax port must send control change info but didn't want to plug it in and try as I know power is also present and don't want to fry the spider ethernet socket. The simple logic is, if the variax socket sends control data - can the spider read it? Will the connection cause any conflict? This may seem like a stupid question to some but I would appreciate the advice of anyone who is technical enough to suggest whether to try it or not. many thanks to anyone who cares to comment.
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