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Vyzex Pocket POD Editor Freres


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  • 1 year later...

I had problems running Vyzex with MAC OSX Catalina. 
Since the Vyzex editor is a 32bit application and MAC OSX Catalina supports only 64bit applications it simply doesn't run.
So I hat to take action and created an editor for the Pocket POD that can be used online without installation.
Since it is a progressive web application it can also be installed by adding it to your home screen.
It is not limited to a desktop/laptop but works also on mobile devices that support MIDI via browser.

Enough said: 
Here the project page with some screenshots:

Here the Pocket POD online editor:


Here a screenshot working with Samsung Galaxy S10


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  • 2 years later...

This is ultra cool. It would be even cooler if the app could access the the other banks of presets (by band, by style), but still this is great. I used to use Pod 2.0 ages ago, but I stopped using Line 6 products completely precisely due to their habit of dropping support for the MacOS software to interact with them. Got this pocket Pod recently as a possible ultra-portable / minimal footprint way to show up for jams or situations where there is a backline amp (and you just cannot bring your own rig / pedalboard), but I needed a way to set up custom patches, so THANK YOU!

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  • 2 months later...

I would like to shamelessly plug my own solution here.


I just released a version of pod-ui software for modern OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS) with support for PocketPOD. Get a copy over at github releases page and take it for a spin. Positive feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated. I also post updates and announcements in this topic.




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