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Cross-platform UI for POD 2.0

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Dear friends,


I'm pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of pod-ui, a cross-platform tool for controlling POD2.0 modelling app. It's an open-scource app available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Please check out the release page and download the binary for your platform. I'm just one guy with one POD and would genuinely appreciate feedback, especially from Windows and MacOS users.


Currently, the app supports controlling POD in real-time as well as loading POD patches from the device and storing them back to the device. I would love to add lib and l6t file loading in the future as well as support for other Line6 device.


The pre-compiled binaries on the release page include sentry support, which means that if and when the app crashes, a crash report will be uploaded to the cloud. Otherwise the app does not collect or send any data anywhere else.


- liet_


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Awesome, works great with my PocketPOD. I was playing around with Vyzex and the UI is a bit weird on my laptop. I like this a lot better and maybe this will even give me a reason to learn some Rust so I understand the code better.


Thanks for this!

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Looks good.  I'll give it a shot in my OSX Monterey studio over the weekend.  Have been looking for something

like this for a while.  I still love the old bean.  especially the clean tones.  thank you!

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