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G30 Transmitter and RF1/RF2. Wait -- what?


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Just received a replacement G30 transmitter, and, on the bag, there was a warning about the new transmitter interfering with other L6 wireless devices because it is shipped in RF2 mode. It goes on to say that I should "...see your user manual...for instructions for switching devices between modes or upgrading RF1 devices."


I can find no such information in the user manual accompanying my new transmitter or the web site, and I actually don't think the G30 Relays support RF2 at any rate. But I do have a couple of V75 mics -- all running on RF1 to accommodate my pre-existing G30 systems , so I need to know if I have an issue.


MY QUESTION: Do I need to change the RF version on my Relay G30? If so, how do I do that?







G30 Warning.jpg

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Wait -- found it.


Yes, the new G30s DO work in both modes. The old ones do not. Here's the thread on how to change the new ones.


A couple of notes:

  • When you first turn it on, the transmitter flashes its blue LED --- once for RF1, twice for RF2.
  • When you change modes, the transmitter again flashes at you --- once for RF1, twice for RF2.
  • The first time I did the change, my transmitter flashed both lights at me continuously, even after I turned the unit off and on again. To resolve that, I removed the batteries, restarted, and reset the RF mode.

And that's what I learned through the magic of Search.




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