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Who Can Teach Me How To Install And Use My Pod Studio Ux2?

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I saw it (the POD Studio UX2) at the Apple store (where I bought my Macbook Pro) and thought the UX2 would be a good way to record some songs.  I live in orange County California and would travel to LA or inland.  I will pay for assistance.  I have tried installing all of the software, printed out the manuals (all 1,000+ pages) and am lost.  Has anyone else had my problems?  I notice that this product is no longer on the shelf at Apple.  I dont care about that though, I just want to plug in my guitar, click on a microphone and "lay down some tracks".


Did I mention that I would pay to make this thing work?




Jim Bronson


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Hi Jim,

I have a UX2 and using a Mac Mini for my recording.  It sounds like you really need help on using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) first. 

I would suggestion using Garageband that came with your Macbook (Great little software that can do a lot of things) and become good with working with Garageband before moving on to other DAW programs.


Dive into via the internet on using Garageband and how to set up your Garageband with the UX2.  It's quite easy but you need to put some effort into the DAW side of it.


There is a lot of great videos and websites to help you along with Garageband. 


I originally got my UX2 and used Garageband for about 6 months before moving on to the higher end software of Logic Pro.  You can make some great stuff though on the free Garageband software that came with your Macbook.


Good luck and prepare to go down the rabbit hole of audio recording.  It's an awesome trip...


Doughnut Blonde

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