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  1. Hey Daz, Here's a good thread that should answer your issue..... Totally possible on what you want. http://line6.com/support/topic/1703-cant-record-mic-and-guitar-together-on-ux2/ Dave
  2. I think 2.57 is on to something. I just went through clicking away on Pod Farm plugins in my project and clicking on Waves plugins and everything was staying put. No disappearing of plug-ins after clicking on Pod Farm. I'm Logic 9.1.8. I'll keep testing and seeing if this works. I'm excited again about Pod Farm!
  3. I open up Pod Farm Stand-Alone, go to the mixer, and select the input drop-down menu. Then, select Mic 1 or Mic 2 depending on which XLR input I put the mic cable. See my pic for help.... Good luck! Dave www.facebook.com/doughnutblonde
  4. Hi Jim, I have a UX2 and using a Mac Mini for my recording. It sounds like you really need help on using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) first. I would suggestion using Garageband that came with your Macbook (Great little software that can do a lot of things) and become good with working with Garageband before moving on to other DAW programs. Dive into via the internet on using Garageband and how to set up your Garageband with the UX2. It's quite easy but you need to put some effort into the DAW side of it. There is a lot of great videos and websites to help you along with Garageband. I originally got my UX2 and used Garageband for about 6 months before moving on to the higher end software of Logic Pro. You can make some great stuff though on the free Garageband software that came with your Macbook. Good luck and prepare to go down the rabbit hole of audio recording. It's an awesome trip... DBack Doughnut Blonde
  5. I'm not a user of Reaper (I use Logic 9), but I set my 1st track for "Input 1-2" and 2nd track for "Input 3-4". See on Pod Farm mixing section on the right hand side, the faders for your sends? Make sure that it's set for "Dry Input" unless you want processed sound to be recorded. Good luck and check out my band if you like at: www.facebook.com/doughnutblonde Using a lot of Pod Farm on my upcoming album...
  6. You were close. Be sure to setup a Dual Signal chain first. Select Instrument (For the guitar) on the 1st input and Mic1 for the 2nd input. See my attached screenshot. This will do it. And just to make sure, use the stand-alone version for this (Or at least that's how I get it to work.) Good luck! DBack Doughnut Blonde
  7. Hi Irial1990, I know this got me when I got my UX2 and Garageband (Using Logic 9 now.), but in the stand-alone version of Pod Farm, did you go to the Mixer view and select Mic 1 or Mic 2? If you are pluggin in directly to the UX2, then be sure to have the mixer view selected for Instrument. If you are trying to capture the "dry" sound with no effects first, be sure to have "Dry Input" selected as well on the right hand side of the mixer view. Pretty much everything that needs to be changed is in the mixer view of Pod Farm. Good luck and have fun! It's a blast! Dback Doughnut Blonde
  8. I'm in the same boat. I'm avoiding the reinstalling phase as I have read in other threads that this DOES NOT work. Unless, someone else who had the same experience, says reinstalling with the instructions provided actually has been confirmed, I'm not going to go through that false hope. I'm in 64-bit Logic, I want to move up to Logic Pro X (Where 32-bit Plug-ins do not work), and highly doubtful that Pod Farm will act any differently then it does on Logic 9. My work-around to this issue is such a band-aid, it's not even funny. When I boot up Logic and open up a project, I stay the hell away from existing Pod Farm inserts. I can work with any of my Waves plug ins without any issues. If and ONLY if I have to go into Pod Farm, I save the file, go into Pod Farm, make my changes to the amp settings, and save the file again. After working with existing Pod Farm plug-ins, if I choose to open up another plug-in, I double-click, if the 1st double-click doesn't work, then I know something is wrong and I can predict that the next double-click will remove the plug-in. When it disappears, I go to Undo (The plug-in will come back to life), save the project, and exit out of Logic Pro all together. Re-load Logic Pro, and everything is back and running again (Again, avoiding Pod Farm plug-ins like the plague). This band-aid takes a couple of minutes everytime it happens out of my schedule. So, I just avoid Pod Farm, and have moved to Amplitube with Recabinet impulses. I'm not bashing Pod Farm, I like the software and feel that the interface is the best out there, but something is off. Hopefully, someone can confirm that Logic 9 or X with all of the proper unsinstallation procedures can say that it's works, I'll just deal with my above band-aid solution.
  9. Thanks guys. Without the ability of using the mic input while still using the line inputs is a bummer, I'll just use the mixer and only 2 phantom channels with 2 dynamic mics going through the line in's on the UX2. Appreciate the help! DB of DB
  10. Thanks for the replies. QsBlues, I would agree, why not send everything through the mixer, but the bands mixer only has 2 inputes for Phantom Power mics, and I wanted 3 inputs, so I was going to take up 2 of the Phantom Power on the mixer and 1 from the Ux2. Also, since the Ux8 is discontinued and hard to find, I would rather go with a new product. Never really understood why the Ux8 got discontinued but that's a business decision from Line 6. Getting a headphone distribution system would be awesome and we'll see if that's in the old budget book. Silverhead, if I'm reading your reading your reply correctly, I believe it's going to work out since the Headphone Amp system that the guitar player wants to play while tracking drums is only for the drummer to hear and not record, it sounds like this will work. I'll get it a try and see what happens. Thanks again for your help and quick responses. It's always good to know that people are patrolling the forums for the oddball questions. DB of DB
  11. Hi guys, I am going to record for the 1st time a drum set with my UX2 and I wanted to see if I was going to run into any trouble with this particular setup. I was going to record with a 4-mic setup (3 condensor mics requring phantom power) on the drums. The band has a mixing board with 2 channels for phantom. Can I route 1 phantom condensor mic through Mic 1 on the UX2 (Phantom power on), another codensor mic for the Mic 2 of the UX2, the mixing board (with last phantom power mics and a SM57 for the snare) through line in (L and R), and to top it off, a Headphone amp for the guitar player through the Monitor In on the UX2 (The guitar player wants to play at the same time as the drummer so the drummer can feel like it's a live setting)? On my DAW (Logic Pro) I will have 2 mono tracks ready for recording from the UX2. I'm assuming that the Mic1 of the UX2 can go to 1 track (Panned all the way in the mixing view to the left), the Mic2 can go to track 2, (Panned all the way to the right), and the line left and right can be equal to recording tracks. So, I can have a overhead (Left) going through Mic1 of the UX2, overhead (right) going through Mic2 of the UX2, and the kick drum and snare from the mixer going into the Left and Right of the line inputs (Hopefully creating a down the center sound on both recorded tracks). Then, that headphone monitor in is not to be recorded at all, but we'll be able to hear it on the headphones. I hope this makes sense as it's hurting my brain trying to figure this one out. Just trying to avoid buying a Saffire Pro 40 with 8 inputs. Thanks guys for your input! Dave Back Doughnut Blonde
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