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  1. This worked! Thanks so much for looking at this for me mate. I use headphones straight out of the UX2 to monitor so that's all cool. Incidentally in the output range I can only select output 1 and output 2. The inputs are all good though and I can select out of 4 outputs, and that works fine.
  2. Although I can hear both vocals and guitar through my UX2, I can't seem to find any way of recording two separate mono tracks at the same time using Reaper as my DAW. Basically I want to record my guitar and vocals at the same time, then end up with two tracks that I can play about with and mix later on. I can get the UX2 to send the guitar out on channel 1-2 and the vocal out on channel 3-4 but when it comes to recording it in to Reaper, I really am stuck. On Reaper I can select my first input as input 1 (or 2) and the guitar records fine, but the second input 3 (or 4) is totally dead when I sing into the mic. If anyone has done this successfully on Reaper pls let me know. I have wasted a few hours trying to figure this out myself and all the google answers seem to be based on very old versions of Reaper :-/ Help! Here is my set up: UX2 using PodFarm2 Reaper latest version (Jan 2014) Windows 7 SM 58 Mic/Epiphone electric guitar And screenshots attached on what I have attempted so far, the UX2 set up I have, Main Reaper view and audio settings on Reaper. Thanks.
  3. Awesome. I was struggling to get the second input to be active, and that's because I hadn't selected a dual signal chain. Easy enough mistake to make for a newbie. Thanks man, I can hear both inputs now!
  4. I've recently got hold of a UX2 and I have been able to record guitar on it fine. I have tried for hours to find a way of recording two inputs at the same time and so far I haven't worked this out. I.e me singing and playing guitar at the same time and recording it on Reaper. How do I configure my system to do this? The SM58 mic input also seems very weak. Here are more details: UX2/Podfarm 2 Operating System : Windows 7 Mic : SM58 DAW : Reaper The mixer setting on Pod Farm does not help as the drop down menu does not have any option for a guitar and mic input simultaneously. I have tried to go into tone direct setting via preferences, closed the UX2 software completely, changed to mic and instrument input on tonedirect, then opened Pod Farm...and still I can't get both mic and guitar doing a live input simultaneously. Please help. Screenshot of mixer option on Pod Farm attached.
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