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  1. Hi dback! Thanks for your answer. I have already done that :( today i have checked everything again and i have realized that the sound that receives my pc is not coming from the interface, it comes from the integrated microphone (so the interface is not working at all, and i have it selected as input). In podfarm2--preferences--- hardware i have tried all options (Built in microph and UX2 Tone Direct) and in built microph i have tried both inputs chanels (1 and 2). Nothing. Monkey line 6 says that drivers are ok (as well as "device firmware and applications").
  2. Hi everyone1 First of all, excuse my english because is not my maternal tongue. Im going to try to explain my problem. I bought a POD UX2 interface the other day, i installed POD FARM 2 and Line 6 Monkey. Monkey and POD FARM2 recognize the interface and i can play guitar with it. I have selected the UX2 as input and output in preferences of the system in my Mac (i have latency problems playing the guitar with POD FARM 2, but that's not my biggest problem). I want to record music with Garageband so i have selected UX2 as input in the program but when i try to record the program doesn't register any sound. And i insist that i have UX2 selected as input in my Mac and in Garageband, but it doesn't work (and i have checked every options that Garageband gives me about UX2 as input: mono 1, mono 2, mono3, mono 4, stereo 1/2 ad stereo 3/4). The microphone is fine, i have checked it in my amp. PODFARM2 registers the sound perfectly (guitars and microphone) but its like garageband doesn't receive the sound from it. What's going on? Thanks :)
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