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New G30 tbp06 transmitter with less range


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I got a new TBP06 to my g30 and this new one have no range at all.... after 2/3 meters away from the receiver and i can see  the Transmitter Status dying on the receiver end, while the Battery Status remain stable... only the wireless sinal is lost... 
Do i have to do something to pair this new unit? or whats is going wrong here..
Help please!! 

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I have used my G30 TBP06 Transmitter all over Europe and the West Coast of America.  Worked Great for the first ten months.  Then, towards the end of a 60-minute set, my tone started cutting in an out.   


Returning home, I discovered that the G30 RXS06 Receiver was registering a dropout.  That is, the lights that indicate whether there is a signal would go out periodically.  For the split second they went out, I would hear no sound.  I think that I'm getting no sound because the receiver is getting no signal.  


Changin the batteries made no difference.  But getting the transmitter really close to the signal did help matters.  At a 6" distance, there were hardly any dropouts, but even when I increased the distance to 2 feet, I would get massive dropouts, sometimes for more than 4 seconds at a time. 


Should I send the receiver and transmitter back to Line 6?  I can think of no other fixes.  

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