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A question to spider 3 -75 owners.


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I been using L6 amps quite a while starting with a spider IV-75 followed by the vetta 2 combo and recently got a spider 3-30.

I activley gig in a bar band-wedding type band and generally,i just feed through the pa so dont need much actual amp volume on stage and I use the vetta 2 but its a real pain to move around so,I picked up a spider 3-30 real cheaply and it does its job.

I been offered a spider 3-75 and very reasonable cash and again,it should be much more versatile than its 30 watt sibling.

I did have the spider 4-75 and i sold it to fund the vetta. How much actual changes is there from the spider 3-75 as opposed to the spider 4-75?

Spider 4 did have a lot of stompboxes and could really be dialled in very well. Does the 3-75 have as much stompboxes,compressors etc as the spider 4 or is it more basic with just the amp models and a few fx. 

Im unsure but i think i would possibly be better to hold out for a used spider 4.

IMO,spider 4 is a way better amp than its spider 5 replacment

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