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The Reamp Show! (Episode 3 available now!)


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Hey guys,
I came up with a new fun idea for a YouTube show.
It's called The Reamp Show and I basically reamp guitar tracks that were sent in by my viewers.
I have done a bunch of tutorials using my own DI's but I still sometimes get comments from folks who say that the settings just don't work for them.
In some cases the tones sound a little bit too dull with my settings for example.
Stuff like that happens because DI's simply can sound pretty different from one another.
Also the play style from guitarist can differ quite a bit from person to person as well as the guitars and pickups themselves.
The fact that I use DI's from people other than myself will hopefully make this show more interesting because I'll show you how you can deal with DI's in many different situations.
The first episode features DI tracks by David Furrevig.
David, if you're out there, I hope you enjoy!
If you also want me to use your DI's in a future episode just send me a message via my official Sonic Drive Studio facebook page.
Hope you enjoy:



Episode 2:



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