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Help! DT25H fails to start intermittently and often


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I have posted on this subject before, but now it's to the point where it's intolerable.  I normally use the L6 link to my HD500.  I used to fire up the pod first, then the amp.  After a while it started to hang up during it's startup routine, and when it did that I'd get no sound.  I'd look at the lights, and sometimes they were all lit, sometimes none were lit, or sometimes I'd see the wrong combination of lights.  And it does this to this day, only more often.

After some experimentation and reading something Line 6 wrote, I changed my routine to starting both devices separately, then connecting the L6 link.  If I got sound, I could then plug in the L6 link too and everything was rosy.  For a while this worked.  When the problem resurfaced, I resolved to employ a shut down routine where I'd go to standby, then unplug the L6 link, then wait, then power off, then unplug from the wall.  (powering up still required keeping the L6 link unconnected at first)  This worked flawlessly for a while, but now it too fails quite often, and any time I don't get the sequence EXACTLY right it seems to always fail.  


Once the thing fails to initialize correctly, I have no choice but to restart it, and it usually fails 5-15 times after that before eventually starting.  I've done a factory reset so many times I could puke.  I've flipped the power and standby switches with it unplugged ad nauseum.  I have exceptionally clean and uniform power PLUS a power conditioner, so it's not that. 


When working correctly, I believe the lights and relays go like this when the power switch is thrown:  1) all on; 2) all off; 3) coinciding with the last amp setting (prior to connecting the L6 link).  when having the issue, it usually makes it to step 1 or step 2 and hangs there--and I get no sound.  A couple times it's even gone to step 3 and looked right but still no sound--but I think in those instances I was doing the multiple restarts in fairly rapid succession.


I'm at wits' end, but I figure that were I to ship it to Line 6 they probably wouldn't witness the problem (remember, it's intermittent).


Below is a similar thread I did earlier in the problem's evolution.


Anybody out there encounter anything like this?


Thanks for reading!!!





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