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Powercab Plus/Helix - How To MIDI Question

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I am having difficulty getting Powercab Plus to work properly with MIDI commands sent from Helix. I have tried two methods 1) using MIDI CC Commands and 2) using Bank/Program Commands. I have seen the thread and video at topic/34848-attempting-to-use-midi-to-switch-speakers/, while informative, I was not able to solve the problem. Same for topic/34061-helix-lt-in-powercab-via-midi-not-working/.


 L6 Link (for audio) Helix > Powercab 
 MIDI (send commands) Helix > Powercab
 USB (Powercab Edit) Computer > Powercab


On Helix (firmware 2.60)  Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo. Receive MIDI Clock = AUTO. Send MIDI Clock = OFF.
On Powercab (firmware 1.01)  Menu > Global Settings. MIDI PC Receive = ON. MIDI PC Send = OFF.


Regardless of method used:
Helix preset 01A = Flat Mode.
Helix preset 01B = Speaker Mode, Vintage Model.
Helix preset 01C = Speaker Mode, Green Model.


Clearly a MIDI command is being sent, but the results are completely wrong. What is a bit weird about this (probably not a coincidence) is that Helix preset # is somehow synced with the PC preset #. Even when I swap patches around Helix 01A = PC preset 1. I suspect/hope it is something simple. Maybe a rookie mistake in my setup. I just got the Powercab yesterday.


Thanks Mike

Extra Data


The MIDI cable is same one I used to send MIDI changes to my DT Amp, so I am sure it works fine. 


Attempt using Bank/Program Commands:
 MIDI Channel (leave at Base)
 Bank CC00 (leave at Off)
 Bank CC32 (leave at Off)
 Program (set to preset #)
   Helix preset 01A set to PC preset 2
   Helix preset 01B set to PC preset 2
   Helix preset 01C set to PC preset 1


Attempt using MIDI CC Commands:
 Helix Preset 01A
   CC #   Value   Should Be Result
   20      1      Set Speaker Mode
   22      1      Set Green Model
   23      0      Set 57 Dynamic
 Helix Preset 01B
   CC #   Value   Should Be Result
   20      1      Set Speaker Mode
   22      1      Set Green Model
   23      1      Set 409 Dynamic
 Helix Preset 01C
  CC #   Value   Should Be Result
  20      1      Set Speaker Mode
  22      0      Set Vintage Model
  23      2      Set 421 Dynamic

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I figure some of it out. Rookie mistake. Sending MIDI Commands using Bank/Program Commands works as long as the Powercab Edit software is not open at same time Helix is sending commands. It must set up a conflict of some sort.


I am still not able to get it to work using MIDI CC Commands -- even with Powercab Edit software closed. I am still interested in ideas on making that function work. If it were designed to only take presets via  Bank/Program Commands why would Line 6 give us all the MIDI CC Values in the user manual?


Thanks Mike.

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I've spent a couple of hours trying to get my LT to change to specific speaker combinations on the PC+ (NOT presets) and finally the only way I've got it working is to follow the method used to make the LT choose a PC+ preset, program that in command centre as a 'Bank/Program' command, and then do a seperate 'CC' command after it.


For example

Command 1 sets a bank command to change to preset '0' on the PC+ (the 'flat' mode) (see attached image)

Command 2 sets a CC command to change preset voicing to '1' (the 'fl solo' mode) (see attached image)


I was unable to get this to work using only CC commands.


I hope this helps someone out there as there isn't much information online (apart from a couple of useful youtube videos and a post on this forum) but for some reason I still couldn't get it working until I tried to combine bank and CC commands, which I hadn't seen anyone suggest before.




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What Steve said. After much fussing about this is what I discovered works too.


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I made my notes on the subject of Helix and PowerCab MIDI into a YouTube video that may be helpful...  



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