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Beginners question about Spider V 30

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Dear Friends,


please, apologizes if the answer to this question is too obvious, but I'm a beginner and I don't know very much about amplifiers and so on. I'm learning e-guitar, and I buyed a Spider V30 to practice at home.


I know that the amplifier has a lot of precharged programs with 200 amps and effects and all that stuff, but, which one from this precharged program is the default one? 


In other words, if I want to use the amplifier without emulating another amplifier, how do I do that? Which amp do I have to select, or how do I configure it?


Thank you very much in advance.

R. Campos.

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Every preset uses an amp model, modeled off real amps as well as some Line 6 creations. There is not a default preset or amp model. There is the option of "no amp" but this may not give the result you are looking for. You can use the Spider Remote app to edit and choose amp models as well as on the front panel; press the AMP button, then the EDIT button, then use the rotary encoder to select the amp model and scroll to change, from here you can also select "No Amp".

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Hi, Thank you for your answer.


I suppose I have to learn more about how amplifiers work.


But in any case, thank you for the info!

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