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Save Just Reverbe In Scéne

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saddened for my English, comes a translator.
How to register only the réverbe on a scéne and not the volumes of track.
I would want to have several scénes of reverbe for the singing(song) and to change them during the show.
Thank you for your answers.

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I don´t really see the point of a Setup or scene just to save effect settings, but it would achieve it this way:

1. Create a scene where you are satisfied with all your settings

2. Save it

3. Change just your FX Settings and do a "Save as"

4. Load your base scene and start over again changing FX settings and do a save as


and so on and so on....


As far as I know you can assign the footswitch to change scenes (I think I read something like this somewhere), but I´m not sure at all, since I don´t use the footswitch option.

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hi Bassman 24,


The purpose is to have several reverbe on the singing(song) which we can change with the footswitch and change only that that and not the other regulations

Thank you for your answer



Small concrete case:

I prepared at home reverbes A and B and to protect it scéne A and B thus with all the regulations of tracks

During the show we increase the volume of the track of the singer we are on the scene(stage) A which lasts several pieces when I am going to be thought of in the scene(stage) B as another song the level of the track of the singer be going to return to the regulations of the scene(stage) B that I prepared at my home!!!!

Thus it will be necessary to make a correction of the volume, it would be necessary to have the possibility of protecting in scenes just those whom we want to change.....

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