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  1. Hi, Yes, format it Fat32 using a SD card reader in your PC/Mac. It's also recommended to use 32 Gig cards instead of 64 Gig. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello Line6 Support Team, just wanted to know if the IPad app is already tested with iOS8 and if I can install version 8 next week without having troubles with the M20d remote app?
  3. Hi all, I was just thinking about how the Ipad App for the M20D could get somewhat better. What about if the Ipad App could accept something like midi program changes on the Ipad or an Audiobus Signal, so, that when you have a setlist app for all your songs and you go and flip to the next the M20 automatically changes the scene to the corresponded song. Without having to sort all the scenes on the M20. Would love to see something like this. Just imagine: You flip the lyrics on your set list app, the M20D changes the scene and all your lights switch to the right mood.. all your devices are set up by just one click or tap :)
  4. Hi all, I´m just experimenting with the best channel strip Setting for my bass cajon. Just imagine my bass cajon is a double sized cajon mounted to a plate and played with a special foot pedal like a bass drum. Right now I placed a bass drum Micro (Shure pg52) on a stand in front of the other side of the cajon just like you would do with a normal bass drum. I´m using the Country bass drum channel strip. Somehow I don´t feel like I´m getting the kick I would like to have. Has anyone suggestions on how I can improve the sound? Maybe by using the Cajon preset instead of a bass drum one or placing the mic right at the foot pedal side pointing it to the Point where the pedal hits the cajon? I don´t Need the high slap Sound because I use two cajons (devided to the bass cajon played by foot and a Cajinto used like a snare (where I´m satisfied with the Sound using a snare preset, just not satisfied with the tbone CD35 mic (cheapest you can get out there :)), have to replace it soon also to a shure, maybe pg56 or SM57)
  5. Sorry, but I strongly disagree. It´s not just a Line6 related Problem. It´s with nearly every vendor who sells electronics. Some odd pieces just passed (however) Quality control and go into the stores, and if you unpack them they are DOA. Sure, you would expect functional devices, but this can happen and happens to all eletronic manufacturers. Sometimes DOA devices are not to blame on the manufacturer where the device was working just fine when it was wrapped in parcels, but on the Transportation Company or even the retailer. In my Company you can bet up to 5 out of 100 Laptops from HP are DOA devices that have to be replaced. One time we had 30 out 40 Workstations where the Mainboard fell of the case and damaged graphic Cards and CPUs. I even had devices which I bought at the local electronic market that where just doing nothing when I switched them on so I had to drive to the market again to swap them for a working device.
  6. Yes, spare is always a good idea :) Every now and then you can make a good catch of SD cards at Amazon on their daylie offers. Just bought a 2-pack of Trancend 32 GB Class 10 micro SD Cards with adaptor for 20 Euros a few days ago. I´m going to use them as spares for gigs.
  7. Hi Scott, from what you describe I also think it´s a defective file/file system. If the file itself is corrupt you will expirience the same error message at the same point even if you have copied it to another SD card. If it´s the file system it should be fine after copying. Are you using a 32 Gig SDHC card? I always format the SD card before new recording sessions or gigs before I put it into the M20d.
  8. Hi, there was a firmware update for the relay guitar packs to address a wireless connection issue on the M20d. Don´t know if this will also help out here, but you might also want to try a firmware update on the wireles mic receivers. Just a shot in the dark, but maybe worth a try.
  9. Just as an idea: Do you have noise gates on your preset for channel one and maybe have it set too high? This was something I was struggeling with at my last gig. Thought 2 Inputs where dead, but afterwards it turned out that the gates were set too high for the channels (where the Setting was just fine from the gig before when I loaded the Setup again for that gig). Anyway: My fault and no Hardware issue on my side. Fortunate enough.
  10. Hi, personally I think you don´t have to do exactly what is described in the manual.It doesn´t matter if you go guitar => effect board => M20d or guitar => DI or even Combo => Mic => M20d. The M20d has so much possibilities and presets you can play with, no matter how you connect your guitars to it. Though, haven´t tried it myself, but I think you can even go guitar => M20d and have a quite reasonable sound for gigs. The whole system is really versatile. Most important is that you (and your audience) are satisfied with the sound :)
  11. Thanks, that´s the Kind of way I thought of. :)
  12. Hi, it depends on what you are looking for. If you just need hoods or covers you can find tons of custom made covers for the whole L-Family at ebay. At least I found 4 different vendors of custom made covers at ebay a few weeks ago. I don´t know if there´s anything out there which compares to the Line6 bags, if you are looking for a real "bag". I find the Line6 ones real clever and robustly designed and they fit perfectly. Don´t know if you find anything compareable for a reasonable price out there. If you find a good one, I don´t think they will be much cheaper then the original ones. I went with the original bags when I bought my L3´s.
  13. Hello, fellow M20d users :) I was just thinking on how I can achieve a short "effect shot" on the M20d without having a sound guy turning the effect on and off or switching Scenes during a song. I´m trying to do the following: For one song I need a long reverb on my percussion kit, just for 3-4 strokes on the intro, then I want to return to "normal operations" or better said my normal global settings for the groove of the song. I don´t have anybody who could turn the reverb on during the gig with the IPad, nor do I want to Switch Scens during the running song. My thought was that I maybe can "route" the reverb to an empty Encoder/channel and then just unmute this channel for the intro and mute it afterwards. Is there a way I can achive this with the M20d somehow? Yeah, I know I can turn on and off the effect on the channel myself, but I don´t want to switch away from the perform screen. So, I need to find a way to push just a button or encoder on the perform screen to turn on or off the reverb for the percussion kit.
  14. If I remember correctly someone wrote the sends are post gain (=>post "auto-trim") and pre effects chain when unlinked, so without any compressors, eq´s etc. But I might be wrong.
  15. Hi Octo777, instead of using an air duster you could use a vacuum cleaner with this brush end thing attached to it (sorry, don´t know the correct english term for this ;)). If you are using an air duster you might just blow all the crap deeper into the M20d than before. But if you are using the vac cleaner method you have to be carefull to not scratch the surface of the M20d if you are applying too much pressure. And the M20d should not be powered on and not connected to the power chord because vac cleaners could create static load at the tip of the tube. Or maybe a little mini vac used to clean computer keyboards could be the right choice to clean the sockets of your M20d.
  16. Hi PCraider, don´t know if I would make such big efforts with pink noise running through the system and measurement mics just to set up eq for a gig. For me this would consume too much precious time before a gig for soundchecks etc. I am just trusting my ears by setting up each channel with necessary eq´s to the sound you like (I find the presets set up pretty well, for my case they just Need a Little bit of tuning until all band mates are satisfied with their instrument´s sound). After the channel setups I just take a look at the main graphical eq and raise/lower certain frequencies until I have a a good Level of all frequencies. And that´s it and I´m done. That is exactly the point where the M20d takes a lot of work from you to let you concentrate on the thing you are expirienced with: Playing your Instrument instead of messing around hours and hours with your sound. For example on the weekend I used the 12-band eq for the first time (don´t know why, we played a few times before in this venue with the M20d, but this time we were lacking some high frequencies). A quick look on the graphic eq, a little raise on the frequencies that had not a decent level and voila: We sounded like before. This would be my Approach to set up the eq, but I´m pretty sure our fellow M20d would say it´s not the way they would go and have other approaches on setting up their system eq-wise :)
  17. Hi SiWatts, it´s not a question of pluggin in XLR or 1/4", it´s a matter of the preset. Our guitarist has a Martin with build-in microphone. Initially I had put up a "acoustic guitar direct" preset for him. I was desperately looking for the FBS, but it wasn´t there. Indeed, it was when I changed to "Acoustic guitar mic´d". Which makes sense if you think about it. Why should a piezo alone have a FBS enabled, because most of the time the feedback is created by microphones ( Which is the fact in my particular case, because the Feedback is driven by the built-in microphone on the guitar). You are right when it comes to plugging it in from channels 1-12 or 13-16, I think.
  18. Hi there, The FBS on the M20d is preset related. So for example the Acoustic Guitar direct preset has no FBS, but the Acoustic Guitar mic'd preset has the FBS enabled. The FBS on the mixer is completely independent from what speakers you are using for PA/Monitors. Other posts suggest to turn of FBS on the Line6 speakers if you are using it on the M20d.
  19. Looking forward to a live test of my full dreamstage setup

  20. If the monkey is a trained roadie I'll take it as a part of an endorsement deal :D
  21. Will give that a try. Thanks for the Info. The smell is not too strong at all. The coffin for my acoustic guitar has a much stronger smell of glue, even after 3 weeks of laying around with opened lid. By the way I found the thing rolling around in the speaker: It was a loose wood screw rolling around in the bottom fold of the speaker (fortunate enough it wan't on the inside of the L3T). From what I could see there's no screw missing somewhere on the outside. Maybe it got lost during assembly in there.
  22. Starting this morning my living room suddenly started to smell like weed.... It could be possible that it´s because I have unpacked now my L3T´s... :) Yes, indeed: I have jumped the band wagon and got hold of 2 L3T´s and one L3s this week. So far I was only able to plug in my Fender acoustic guitar into the built-in mixer on one of the L3T´s, but it´s really an impressive, clear sound. Maybe the L3T´s and the S are a little bit oversized for our acoustic group, because L2T´s would have done the job also (and would be much lighter ;)), but on the other hand it was just a few bugs more and the 3 have a little bit more punch so I can use them even without the L3S for a good sound, so that was my intention to go with the 3 and not the 2´s to be more flexible.... Was not able to check the connection to the M20d, because I´m still waiting on the cables to enable the L6 Link connection. Well, I could use the analog inputs, but since I plan to use the L6 link on stage that would not make too much sense right now. One thing I have discovered that it seems there´s something rolling around on the inside on the bottom of the speaker. Could this be a loose screw or something like that? Can I open the speaker myself to check what´s rolling around? Nevertheless the speaker is working, though. I will check on the other one as well to see if there´s something rolling in there also right now.
  23. Are you using a Mac or PC to copy the file? If you are using a Mac make sure your card is not ntfs formatted, it should be fat32. Mac´s cannot write on ntfs formatted drives (by default, I know there are solutions for that ;))
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