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  1. FOR LIVE STAGE, I would like to use the headphone out ( amplifi 150) and plug into a pa mixer , so I can get into the band mix. With 5 speakers ,it's not easy to mike the amp unless I use multiple mics. I'm assuming that the headphone out signal encompasses all the speakers!,, Some input would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I guess I could connect the Piezo out to a little Mixer with effects to twick the tone correctly. This way I would have a Clean acoustic sound into Aux, and could be mixed with the main guitar input.... I'll try this configuration and I'll let you know how it sounds...
  3. I've got a Dual Output guitar (Magnetic and Piezo Out). I'd like to know if I could use the Aux in to connect the piezo Out, and use the main guit in for Magnetic pick up. Also, has the Aux in got access to effects? Regards Altonabeach
  4. Hi, I'd intend to hook up Amplifi 100fx to one L2t line 6 speaker. The recipe would be this: Mono out from amplify 100 fx to channel 2 (L2t) for my electric guitar. My acoustic guitar would be plugged in to channel 1 of the L2t to take advantage of Acoustic guitar simulator.. Any idea if this is a correct set up for my guitars (in my case) or is there a better alternative to plug my Amplifi 100fx to L2t? Regards Altonabeach
  5. Hi, I've downloaded update 1.05 for the stage source speaker l2t but does not copy on an SD card. The file is downloaded is: L3x_L2x_v1_05.lsf Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi, I do experience a significant latency using sonic port with mobile pod with iPad 2. Line 6 claims that it can be used LIVE, but I can't see how this is possible! I would use it LIVE if no LATENCY present and the issue should be stated as part of the gadget features.... Disappointed
  7. I'm also trying to retrieve a recording I did with SD card (Its ok on m20d) but the tracks don't show when connected to my computer!!!
  8. One more problem: I get a double entry when I add mp3 files to M20d media player Play List Ex : Old time rock & Roll -Old time rock & Roll
  9. Here I am again. I've done few more tests, and it seems that M20d media player DOES PLAY my mp3, but not the converted Wave files... Shall I convert all the songs to mp3 ? or perharps there's a solution to getb to play my converted wave files...
  10. Hi, I've converted all my AIFF files into Wave files using "Smart Converter Pro2" and saved it into a flash drive (USB 30GB stick). Into m20d but still problems with Media player, as I get vthe following message:A PROBLEM WAS ENCOUNTERED IN ATTEMPTING TO PLAY THE SELECTED FILES". SOME HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thanks
  11. Hi, I've tried to load m4a files, but stagescape M20d media player recognises only mp3 files, is that so? Regards Altonabeach
  12. I do intend to buy the L2t but the problems mentioned above got me worried. Has the batch of faulty L2t being identified with serial numbers.....? In that case I could check if my intended purchase belongs to the problematic serial n. Batch.... Regards Altona Beach
  13. Hi, I've noticed that "Speakers output assignment" is not showing on M20d (I have no L6 link speakers connected to M20d). Is that normal?Th anks
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