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  1. Has anyone experienced this? In the speaker mode panel the led lights for both guitar modes are constantly yellow. If I choose one of the guitar modes, this turns into to green, but goes back to yellow when I choose a different mode. Everything sounds fine. I can live with a "cosmetic issue", but I wonder whether this might be the first sign of a more serious error . Photo attached.
  2. Line 6 support adviced me to reinstall the latest firmware (1.20) and perform a facory reset as well. Seems to work fine after that...
  3. In the past I have experienced that the M20d freezes with the error message: 'App returned with status 134' when I switch to another saved stage setup. Usually works OK after a reboot. I've seen posts where this error message is discussed in connection with bootup. Line 6 has in these cases indicated that: "There is no risk that this happens during a show". For me it does. Anyone?
  4. OK , I ordered my second mixer from Thomann yesterday. It is primarily intended as backup, although I 've never really experienced any problems with the stability. I usually have an analog mixer in the car in case something should occur, but in a given situation it is of course much easier and faster to just move the settings to a new M20d and continue. Some gigs are quite critical, and I really don't need to get in a situation where I have to rig a totally different mixer and do the soundcheck all over again. My first mixer is an early version, hoping that some reported 'childhood diseases' are fixed after that. Having said that, I definitely also want to test some scenarios with two mixers in parallel.
  5. Just go for it :-) By the way - where did you find the M20d at £840? I'm actually thinking of getting a second one...
  6. I'm not close to either my office or user manuals. Can someone help me with the specifications of the fuses for both the stacescape mixer and the stagesource speakers?
  7. A little setup vs scene question again - just in case i've actually missed something... 1: I save a basic setup that I'm happy with and that I really want to keep as is. 2: I do however need totally different levels for one particular song, so I alter the levels as needed and save them as scene. 3: In order to save this scene permanently, I also have to save the setup again before I quit. 4: By doing this I change the levels in my original setup according to the scene I have made - which I really don't want to do. 5: Is there any way to permanently save a scene without destroying the original level settings in a setup?
  8. I suspect that this question has been answered before, but I can't find it. Therefore: What happens when I use FBS in both my M20d mixer and in the speakers simultaneously? Do they "collaborate" in any way, or should I turn off FBS in the speakers?
  9. I had six speakers with this problem. All fans were replaced by the local service center and now works flawlessly. No signs of rattling, whatsoever :-)
  10. No, I know the Bose system, and it is definitely not the ones I had in mind. I have undoubtedly seen a list with two Stage Source L1 speakers. One L1T (8 ") and one small L1S, which I think was a 15" bass reflex sub - side by side with the L2 and the L3-series.
  11. Just curious. What happened to the L1T Compact speaker and the L1S 15" subwoofer? I could really use a smaller rig in narrow venues. Will they be released or are they put on ice?
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