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Ux2 Goes Crazy After Starting Pod Farm

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         Monkey has all green checks; Drivers are up to date (, Pod farm is up to date(2.56), Gear box is up to date(3.72), USB Firmware up to date(1.02), Line 6 License (1.07), Monkey (1.65), Riffworks 2 (2.22).

  Windows Vista Ultimate 4GB RAM

Buffer slider at second setting (Near extra small) on Pod Farm2

   After I start Pod Farm 2 or Gear box, The needles in the gauges on my UX2 jump around for no reason. I have a condensor Mic in Mic 1, and my input is Mic 1 on the software, Phantom power is on. No audio is heard but it still indicates some noise on the needles since I set the needles to indicate "Input".

   I reinstalled driver and it worked, but after I restarted my PC, back to the same problem..,  I swapped cables for my mic and still nothing...

   After I talked to the Line 6 customer support, which he told me to reinstall everything......... I did just that, and still getting the same problem. The only audio I can hear while trying to monitor my Mic is a little faint soft crackling and some humming while moving my mouse. It's not even really enough to notice. The needles stay at about halfway and every millisecond to a second it will jump to clockwise. It's pretty random it seems.

   I'm about fed up with this Line 6 equipment but I don't exactly have the money to get something else. The Line 6 Support has been less than desirable.

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