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Ux2 Mic 1 Quality Deterioration

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Hey everyone,


So I've had my UX2 for 5 years now and the sound quality of mic 1 is deteriorating. I could handle the scratchiness when changing the gain level with the knob on the interface itself, but recently the volume would start fluctuating at random times. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and if you solved it? I don't see any screws on the interface so how do you open it up for some maintenance? I know to solve the scratchiness I just need to replace the pot, but not sure if the pot is also causing the volume fluctuations. One of the local shops returned my "repaired" routing pedal after 9 months of constant phone calls so I'm not keen on letting that happen again. Any thoughts and inputs are welcome...


\m/ Jaco

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