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HX Effects 4CM ground hum help!


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So I have my Runt 20 hooked up in 4CM with the HX Effects.


From a previous amp I've owned, I have the ground cut int two of the cables at the HX end, and also had to cut it on my channel switch cable too. I just tried a grounded cable there and it hummed like crazy. 


What is causing the pop when channel switching and how do I prevent it?


EDIT: I've now tried every conceivable combination of grounded and ungrounded cables. The only thing that introduces the pop is when the EXT Amp jack is combined with anything else. Alone, no pop. If there is signal in the HX, it pops.


Any help amazing.

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I have this problem with my Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic as well. I understand that certain Mesa Boogies and Helix products can creat ground loop hum when using 4CM and External Amp switching. 
is there a list of amps that do work with Helix/HX Effects in 4CM and Ext Amp Switching? The solutions seem very complex otherwise.

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